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Miami-Dade: Self-driving cars are no longer a thing of the future, in fact, they are quite common in many parts of the modern automotive world. In Germany, for example, self driving cars doing 120 mph on the autobahn with the “drivers‘ holding conference calls, is a growing trend. Though many motorists may consider self-driving cars unnecessary, their eminent arrival into the US car market looms. This has sparked some debate over how American motorists may be affected by self driving cars and the effects on urban life. From a sociological perspective, CAV’s or Connected Autonomous Vehicles, could take-away from the pressure that everyday driving causes many motorists, such as anxiety, road-rage, and reduced quality of life. Furthermore, if properly equipped, self-driving vehicles can turn a vehicle’s interior into a meeting room, dining room, living room, and even a bedroom, from where you can watch t.v. and even have sex. With a person’s vehicle turning into someone’s second home, anything could happen. According to a recent study by the The Journal of Sex Research 60 percent of Americans have given car sex a try. With self-driving vehicles, sex behind the wheel can take place while cruising down a Florida highway or down any Miami avenue, just as long as you have tinted windows. Thus, a new study reveals that sex behind the wheel with the vehicle in movement should come to no surprise to urban residents, as driverless cars would be operated by computers and provide ample room for beds. Though not yet popular, CAVs are expected to become a household word by 2020, when a mass rollout of CAV is expected to hit modern cities and draw appeal from motorists. But what effect will CAVs have on urban life and rural life? Experts state that the use of CAVs will reduce travel times and lower the pollution levels left behind by contemporary motor-vehicles, as well as reduce the tension felt by drivers stuck in traffic jams and chaotic driving conditions. But what about sex? CAV’s may replace hourly hotels as a spot for a quick romantic encounter. With less space being occupied by seats, the interior can have a sofa or even a bed, much like a limousine but without a driver. A personal injury lawyer in Miami can answer more questions regarding driverless vehicles and accidents.

The Effects of Driverless Cars on Urban Life

The advantages of driverless vehicles may be obvious to the driver, which would be become a meer passenger so to speak. Without having to stay alert to what’s going on as the vehicle moves along a city street, avenue, or highway, the vehicle owner, can do exercise, eat, and even sleep. That being said, how would this affect gyms, restaurants, and motels? With motorists not having to stop to eat or rest during a long distance trip, restaurants and motels may suffer losses from having to compete with automated vehicles.  The disadvantage of AVs is that motorists may tend to replace public transportation for AVs, thus adding to the already existing problem of congested roadways, avenues and streets in and around Miami-Dade and Broward County cities. Experts state that Automated Vehicles may be to driving what the smartphone was to communication.

Self-Driving Vehicles and Insurance Coverage 

With nobody literary at the wheel, who would be held responsible in the event an accident which leads to Personal Injury, Property Damage, or Loss? Much like all registered vehicles in the state of Florida, PIP, which is the minimum insurance coverage required by law, will be upheld. It is interesting to see if Bodily Injury and Property Damage coverage will be required by law for Automated Vehicles (AVs). See 10 Best Insurance Policies in Florida.

Regardless of the insurance coverage held by an AV, experts looking into the matter predict a reduction in motor vehicle accidents, as most accidents are the direct result of human error. A computer will not drive drunk or text while driving. However, computers are prone to glitches. Experts also state that AVs would reduce emissions pollution and help motorists find a parking spot quicker in some of Miami-Dades more congested cities such as: Miami Beach, Hialeah, Homestead, etc.

Automated Vehicles In Miami-Dade

Miami-Dade County Mayor, Carlos Gimenez, has recently commented that he sees vehicles (AVs) of the future as ‘rolling living rooms’, and expressed his desire for Miami-Dade to be at the forefront of the CAV rollout. Mayor Gimenez also said that the next transport revolution may very well be electric flying taxis, adding that a German company called Lillium is working on a sedan that can take-off and land with top speeds of 185 mph.

For now, it’s get in your car, start the engine, and hit the gas. In the near future, it may simply be about getting in and doing whatever you want till you reach your destination.

The Future is Now!

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