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A 46-year old woman from Argentina was crushed by a dry palm tree branch that came swooshing down from atop a 100 ft palm tree overlooking the pool of a quaint and quiet family hotel. The hotel pool accident victim was resting on a lounge chair when a 15-foot-long dried-out branch broke-off from an overhead palm tree. According to the accident victim’s family, the woman, a mother of three, screamed as the branch came thundering down and landed on top of her. “I was in the pool when I heard a loud swooshing sound. At first, I thought it was a wild animal like an alligator or lizard in the bushes, but then I noticed something huge falling from the tree,” recalls the victim’s husband. Hotel staffed quickly assisted the woman by tending to the multiple cuts, scrapes, and bruises extending throughout her entire body. She was later taken to a local hospital for further treatment to wounds and evaluation. Her husband in the meantime, has contacted the service of a trusted personal injury lawyer in Miami to help with a possible premise’s liability claim for compensation. According to the hotel accident victim’s husband, a 52-year-old schoolteacher, the pool has at least three very tall palm trees, many of them full of dry branches just waiting to fall. “I’m no lawyer but I know that hotels and motels need to make sure trees don’t fall on their guest’s heads while they’re sitting by the pool. My wife is lucky to be alive, but she’ll never sit by a pool the same way again!” stated the victim’s angry husband.


Accidents that take place at hotels, motels, spas, or even private residences, fall under Premises Liability laws, which holds property owners, operators, managers, legally accountable for injury or wrongful death that are the result of negligence. In Miami, The Perazzo Law Firm personal injury attorneys strive to provide the best possible counsel for premises liability claims for compensation from injuries at hotel swimming pools, which represent 67% of deaths involving children under four. Alcohol consumption accounts for a high percentage of swimming pool related deaths and injuries.

Resort style swimming pool settings create a sensation of relaxation, which place vacationers at risk of personal injury. That is why there are standard regulations for hotel or motel swimming pools that are open to guests. Hotel and motel swimming pools may not always necessarily have a lifeguard on duty as the swimming pool may not be deep enough to constitute a lifeguard, but if it has a deep end, it should be clearly stated. In fact, any possible dangers should be pointed out so that guests are aware and can take any needed precautions to avoid injury. Pools should provide proper fencing, safety floating devices, warning signs, handrails and depth markings. Failure to abide by regulated safety measures could result in the establishment have to face legal issues brought on by accident victims, such as the woman who had a fallen dried-out tree branch fall on her head.


Scrapes, cuts, lacerations, and any sort of flesh wound can be considered a permanent injury as stitches, plastic surgery, etc., may leave permanent scarring. Though a scar may not be a big deal to person if the scar is on their foot, but a permanent scar is on someone’s face can have life altering consequences. At the Perazzo Law Firm, we understand permanent bodily injury and the negative effects it can can on an accident victim’s life. Hotel accident victims that suffer bodily harm, need to know if their injuries will have permanent effects on their quality of life. If so or if in doubt about injuries in a hotel pool, the Perazzo Law Firm in Miami-Dade urges you to contact them ONLINE or CALL (786) LAWS-411 for a FREE initial consultation and ZERO-OUT-OF-POCKET FEES to Hotel Accident Victims and Family members.

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