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Formula 1 Accident Lawyer – Miami Slip, Trip, and Fall / Premises Liability

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Miami Injury Lawyer Shares Formula 1 Accident Safety

-Injured while attending the Formula 1 race in Miami Gardens?

-Suffer a slip and fall accident at a Formula 1 event?

-Fall victim to criminal activity while attending a Formula 1 event?

-Suffer a parking lot accident or fall victim to theft while at a Formula 1 race?

-Looking for the best Miami accident lawyer for your injuries at a Formula 1 event?

Miami Gardens – The Miami International Autodrome at Hardrock Café in Miami Gardens will host the three-day Formula 1 program, which is revving to offer Formula 1 enthusiasts an unforgettable Formula 1 racing moment. With top speeds that can reach 200 miles an hour, the Hardrock circuit in Miami-Gardens offers 57 laps, 19 corners, and 3 straightaways. The Formula 1 racing event makes its return to Florida and is expected to bring millions is revenue to the local industries that operate around the event. However, local Miami Garden residents don’t share the same enthusiasm over the Formula 1 race event given that the noise levels surpass the comfort zone of those looking for a quite weekend at home.  In fact, a suit has been filed against the city of Miami Gardens in an attempt to have the Formula 1 three-day event cancelled. With residential homes just over 400 ft. from the track, a predominantly all black community is looking to stop the ten-year agreement Miami Garden officials made with Formula 1.

Formula 1 Racing and Spectator Accidents

In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm understands the kinds of accidents that spectators may suffer while attending a Formula 1 race. In Miami Gardens and within the Hardrock Stadium autodrome, things could get potentially dangerous if negligence becomes a part of the event. Organizers and operators, as well as all those involved in carrying out the Formula 1 racing event, are obliged by law to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of visitors, as well as concession stand  employees and staff. Flying debris after a collision can sometImes find it was into the stands. Flying debris after a Formula 1 driver accident can include:

  • Flying glass
  • Run away wheels
  • Explosions and burns
  • Hearing impairment from excessive exposure to high noise levels

Below are some of the common accidents that visitors to the Formula 1 event may suffer.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

Equipment left unattended to by pit operators or Formula 1 racing staff, can cause slip, trip, and fall accidents. The hand truck in the picture, shows operator negligence by leaving the cart unattended to, with the handle a potential slip and fall obstacle for anyone making their way through the premises. If a visitor trips over the hand truck handle, he or she may suffer personal injury to the neck, back, hip, knee, ankles, or wrists. Following a slip, trip, or fall accident, the victim must take immediate measures to guarantee that any medical expenses or losses are covered by the business operator. For that to happen, certain steps must be taken. (See Stadium Accident Lawyer in Miami)

What to do after a slip and fall accident at the Formula 1 race in Miami Gardens:

The Perazzo Law Firm in Miami recommends the following steps after a Slip, Trip, or Fall Incident at the Formula 1 race in Miami Gardens.

  • Contact the authorities to report the slip, trip, or fall incident to establish an official account of the accident incurred.
  • Get immediate medical attention for you or any injured parties by a professional healthcare provider or a professional and established healthcare facility such as a hospital or clinic.
  • Make sure to gather any pertinent information by documenting all the events that took place before and after the slip, trip, and fall accident.
  • Never give a statement to the authorities or healthcare professionals on where or how the accident happened. Only give statements of the injuries incurred, not on how the accident happened.
  • Contact our North Miami Beach office as soon as possible to set an appointment to discuss your slip, trip, or fall accident claim for compensation.

What can cause a slip, trip, and fall accident at the Miami Gardens and Formula 1 race track:

  • Power cables that stretch across walking surface – can also cause electrocution.
  • Air hoses left unattended to that stretch across walking surface.
  • Broken sidewalks or uneven walking surfaces – uneven ramps and staircases – must offer pedestrians handrails and proper lighting.
  • Slippery or soiled walking surfaces – liquids such as gasoline, oil, water, etc., can cause a Formula 1 visitors to slip and fall.
  • Poorly lit areas.
  • Fallen objects that land on walking surfaces, such as signs.

See also Dangerous Walking Surfaces


Slip and Falls accident situation may happen over walking surfaces everywhere.  Some include:

  • Steps and Staircases: sometimes they may be slippery, soiled, poorly lit, built unevenly, or missing railings.
  • Ramps: they may be soiled, poorly designed or lit. They may also be lacking a bannister.
  • Store aisles: sometimes other shoppers may drop goods and slippery elements such as liquids, oils, or other substances may lead to a slip and fall incident. Business operators are responsible for making sure supermarket walking areas remain free of substances that may cause a slip and fall accident.
  • Parking lots: poor lighting and uneven or broken walking areas may cause an individual to not be able to detect obstacles which may lead to a slip and fall accident.
  • Elevators and Escalators: the metal surfaces can result dangerous for those with difficulty detecting the moment to get on or off.
  • Selling Spaces: businesses that sell goods may inadvertently place objects that can obstruct visitors with limited eyesight or movement.

The Perazzo Law Firm has served a number of slip and fall accident claims in Miami-Dade and Broward. Thus, our insight gives our attorneys an advantage when seeking compensation for our slip and fall clients. Whether you seek compensation for injuries, fighting for justice for wrongful arrest or looking for a home, you can rest assured our lawyers will be there for you.


Following a slip and fall accident, slip and fall accident victims may suffer a number of different injuries. However, the most common slip and fall accident injuries depend on the age of the accident victim.

In a slip and fall accident, the following areas of the body usually suffer damage:

  • Head Injuries: blows to the head can result in brain injury after a concussion. A C-scan is highly recommended.
  • Cervical spine Injuries: Disc damage is very common
  • Thoracic spine Injuries: Disc herniation, bulges, or ruptures can follow a slip and fall accident,
  • Lumbar spine Injuries: (same as thoracic spine injuries)
  • Wrists Injuries: breaks and fractures are very common injuries. Sometimes surgery is required.
  • Elbow Injuries: bruises or lacerations are common injuries as the elbow stop break a backwards fall.
  • Shoulder Injuries: the rotator cup can become damaged after the shock of a slip and fall accident.
  • Hip Injuries: the elderly usually suffer fractures or breaks in the hip after a slip and fall incident.
  • Knee Injuries: bumps, bruises, or cuts may accompany a slip and fall accident.
  • Ankle Injuries: fractures, sprains, breaks are a common part of a slip and fall accident.

The above common slip , trip, and fall injuries merit treatment that includes the proper diagnosis through professional studies and an experienced medical evaluation.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, we encourage you to call us at 786 LAWS-411 (786-529-7411) to set up a FREE initial consultation to discuss your legal rights.

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