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Authorities are currently seeking the driver of a red sedan following a solo car accident in Tamarac that resulted in one person being hospitalized. At approximately 3:45 p.m. on Friday, Broward Sheriff’s Office units responded to the incident along the 7900 block of Tuscany Court. According to investigators, the passenger of the vehicle was airlifted to the hospital for treatment, while the driver of the sedan fled the scene on foot. Aerial footage from 7Skyforce showed a visible police presence at the scene, with the damaged red sedan located on the roadway.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to the family of the deceased victim following this tragic accident in Tamarac, Florida.

The Perazzo Law Firm is dedicated to serving individuals and families who have suffered injury due to the negligence of others. With a deep understanding of the emotional toll accidents can take, our firm is committed to helping those in need.

Our news blog is designed to keep you informed on the latest personal injury cases and legal developments. We aim to raise awareness of the injury and loss of life that occurs in our community by sharing information from publicly available sources. However, please note that the information shared in our blog has not been independently verified, and the photos depicted are not necessarily representative of the actual event. If you notice any inaccuracies, please bring them to our attention for correction.

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As if out of a sci-fi movie, Mercedes plans to fully autonomous cars cruising along its highly sophisticated and accident-free roadways by 2050. This ambitious high-tech plan has been christened “Vision Zero”, and Mercedes aims to dramatically cut down on serious and fatal car accidents by 2030. The German motor vehicle manufacturer last week announced that the goal involves the design and production of automated cars that allow for autonomous driving. However, their endeavor to  achieve zero car accidents by 2050, or at least cut the actual number of fatal car accidents by half. Mercedes does not expect to carry out this achieve this ambitious mission on its own. A company spokesperson has mentioned the need for efforts by the federal government, as well as civil engineers and urban planners, to design or adequately modify existing roadways to meet the safety standards required for autonomous Mercedes Benz cars.

How safe are Mercedes Benz vehicles?

It can clearly be said that Mercedes Benz ranks among the top-ten safest cars to drive given their high-tech engineering and track-record of proven cutting edge, quality  vehicles. They can boost a 5-Star rating  by the NHTSA, even though they rank below such cars as Toyota and Volvo. One feature that makes Mercedes such as safe to drive is its electronic stability control system and its anticipatory protection system. Both play an important part in reducing the chances of being involved in an accident and reducing the risk of suffering bodily harm caused upon severe impact in a collision.  Antilock brakes have been a signature concept in Mercedes Benz since the late 70’s, which was just the beginning of the German car makers measures to continuously innovate its braking system. Mercedes eventually added traction control, brake assistance features that provided maximum braking force triggered by automated emergency sensors. Today,  innovated software will soon play an even more important part in the braking system of all Mercedes Benz cars, aiming to enhance the overall control system’s responsiveness.

Luxury Car Accidents in the News

Business U.S, 41 in North Fort Myers was the site of a high-speed collision that resulted in serious bodily injury to the driver and passengers travelling in the vehicle which caused the accident.  The crash involved a Mercedes and a Lamborghini that according to the FHP, were travelling at very high-speed upon impact. Apparently, the driver of the Benz lost control and crashed into the Lamborghini. The Benz then crashed into some trees and flipped over, landing in a river. Sadly, the vehicle that received the impact, over-turned, and caught fire.


Como si fuera sacada de una película de ciencia ficción, Mercedes planea tener autos completamente autónomos recorriendo sus carreteras altamente sofisticadas y libres de accidentes para 2050. Este ambicioso plan de alta tecnología ha sido bautizado como “Visión Cero”, y Mercedes tiene como objetivo reducir drásticamente sobre accidentes automovilísticos graves y mortales para 2030. El fabricante alemán de vehículos de motor anunció la semana pasada que el objetivo implica el diseño y la producción de automóviles automatizados que permitan la conducción autónoma. Sin embargo, su esfuerzo por lograr cero accidentes automovilísticos para 2050, o al menos reducir a la mitad el número real de accidentes automovilísticos fatales. Mercedes no espera llevar a cabo este logro de esta ambiciosa misión por sí solo. Un vocero de la empresa mencionó la necesidad de esfuerzos por parte del gobierno federal, así como de ingenieros civiles y urbanos. Informa el abogado de accidentes en Miami, Jonathan Perazzo, que los autos de lujo, aunque mas seguros, se involucran mas en accidentes por su comfort, que se confunde con su velocidad. O sea, no te das cuenta a que velocidad viajas, porque no lo sentis.

Mental patient jumps out of ambulance – Who is liable?

When a mental patient jumped out of an ambulance in motion, a legal battle began to see who was at fault, or in this case, negligent for not preventing such a situation. While being transported by a city operated service, a female patient with a cannabis addiction, undid her seatbelts and jumped out of the ambulance and onto the roadway. This person is now suing the ambulance company for not stopping her or taking measures to prevent her from busting through the doors and jumping onto the road. Though as obvious as reality sometimes seems, the law has a unique way of distorting that reality and turning it into a legal nightmare.

The plaintiff’s legal team claims that the ambulance staff onboard and accompanying her at the time of the incident, was negligent and liable for the injuries their client suffered when she chose to jump out of the ambulance. The ambulance company’s attorney on the other hand, claim that they are not hired to act as police officers or law enforcement agents. Furthermore, the healthcare staff that had been treating the woman that jumped out of the ambulance, stated that she had never showed any signs of being a threat to anyone, including herself.

Though there have been cases of situations such as this one, where an ambulance passenger, suddenly gets the urge or premeditates jumping out of an ambulance, but this usually applies to those trying to flee from the law. Though it is true that ambulance workers and paramedics need to take preventive measures to avoid injury or further bodily harm to those they transport, they are not trained to deal with dangerous individuals or those with serious mental problems.

Paciente mental salta de una ambulancia – ¿Quién es responsable?

Abogado de accidentes en Miami informa: Cuando un enfermo mental saltó de una ambulancia en marcha, comenzó una batalla legal para ver quién tuvo la culpa, o en este caso, la negligencia por no prevenir tal situación. Mientras era transportada por un servicio operado por la ciudad, una paciente adicta al cannabis se desabrochó el cinturón de seguridad y saltó de la ambulancia a la carretera. Esta persona ahora está demandando a la compañía de ambulancias por no detenerla o tomar medidas para evitar que atraviese las puertas y salte a la carretera. Aunque a veces la realidad parece tan obvia, la ley tiene una forma única de distorsionar esa realidad y convertirla en una pesadilla legal.

El equipo legal de la demandante afirma que el personal de la ambulancia a bordo y que la acompañaba en el momento del incidente fue negligente y responsable de las lesiones que sufrió su cliente cuando optó por saltar de la ambulancia. El abogado de la compañía de ambulancias, por otro lado, afirma que no están contratados para actuar como policías o agentes de la ley. Además, el personal de salud que había estado atendiendo a la mujer que saltó de la ambulancia, afirmó que nunca había mostrado signos de ser una amenaza para nadie, incluida ella misma.

Aunque ha habido casos de situaciones como esta, donde un pasajero de una ambulancia de repente tiene ganas o premedita saltando de una ambulancia, pero esto generalmente se aplica a aquellos que intentan huir de la ley. Si bien es cierto que los trabajadores de ambulancias y los paramédicos deben tomar medidas preventivas para evitar lesiones o daños corporales adicionales a quienes transportan, no están capacitados para tratar con personas peligrosas o con problemas mentales graves.

One killed in accident involving 60 vehicles

Thick fog led to a 60-car-pile up which left one accident victim fatally injured. By 8 a.m. sixty cars travelling amid zero visibility and smoke from nearby wildfires, were unable to avoid crashing into each other along a stretch of highway closed off for 17 miles and almost 6 hours. Local authorities requested assistance from neighboring schools and businesses to provide transportation for the great number of stranded motorists and passengers. Driving in the fog is one of the main causes of accidents that occur amid adverse weather conditions. See Safety tips for driving in the fog.

Un muerto en accidente involucrando 60 vehiculos

La niebla espesa provocó una acumulación de 60 automóviles que dejó a una víctima del accidente herida de muerte. A las 8 a.m., sesenta autos que viajaban en medio de visibilidad cero y el humo de los incendios forestales cercanos, no pudieron evitar chocar entre sí a lo largo de un tramo de carretera cerrado durante 17 millas y casi 6 horas. Las autoridades locales solicitaron la asistencia de las escuelas y empresas vecinas para brindar transporte a la gran cantidad de automovilistas y pasajeros varados. Conducir en la niebla es una de las principales causas de accidentes que ocurren en medio de condiciones climáticas adversas. Consulte Consejos de seguridad para conducir con mal tiempo.

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