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TROPICAL STORM NICOLE – HURRICANE BY NIGHTFALL – Miami Hurricane Damage Lawyer reports

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When storms turn into hurricanes

Tropical storm Nicole seems to be approaching southeast Florida from the west, and may mutate into a category 1 hurricane by nightfall. According to national weather reports and information gathered by local meteorologists, heavy rains and wind are expected well into the weekend. There is a hurricane warning in effect for South Florida and the entire east coast.

Meanwhile, the Miami area is experiencing strong winds and pouring rain, with flooding reported in areas such as Brickle. At present, tropical storm Nicole is creeping its way across the north of Bahamas, with storm surges as high as 5o mph recorded. Residential areas in and around Palm Beach have reported flooded streets, with sea walls and the Flagler Bridge being hit hard was again.

Hurricane warning alerts have been issued for several eastern areas of South Florida ranging from Miami up to Jacksonville.

Coastal flooding is expected to accompany the arrival of what could be Hurricane Nicole. Meanwhile, local businesses and residents are taking precautionary measures in the event that the tropical storm turns into a hurricane.

In Miami, the Hurricane Damage lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm, recommends the following safety tips to prevent damages or injuries as a result of a hurricane:

  • If possible, stay indoors.
  • In the event of a power outage, contact the local power company.
  • Avoid driving.
  • If driving, stay off flooded roadways.
  • Avoid driving at night
  • In the event of an accident, stay inside your vehicle and contact the police.


In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm provides best advice following a hurricane that causes property damage and losses.

  • Check for bodily injuries or you or those in the residence
  • Stay inside until the authorities report that is no longer dangerous to go outside
  • Do not approach downed power cables
  • Contact the authorities if  there is a smell of gas report the incident, and find shelter
  • Avoid making any home repairs yourself without first contacting your insurance provider
  • Do get on the roof of your home alone
  • Take pictures of any damages
  • Contact a public adjuster to handle your insurance claim
  • Hire a insurance claim attorney to litigate any disputes between the public adjuster and the insurance provider




  • What to do after a Hurricane Damages Your Home?
  • What happens after you suffer flooding, fire, or roof damages due to a storm or natural disaster?
  • Will my property damage insurance policy cover the damages to my property after a hurricane or adverse weather?
  • How can a Miami Personal Injury lawyer help deal with property damage?

The Miami accident lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo of the The Perazzo Law Firm shares valuable insight on what to do after suffering hurricane damages and economic losses to repair your property.

When your property suffers damage, you hope to rely on your insurance company to help restore your family home. Unfortunately, it is not always as easy as making a phone call to your insurance company.

An insurance policy is a contract placing obligations upon the insurance company as well as the insured. Following a loss to your property, you are required to satisfy what is know as post-loss obligations. It is a long and exhaustive list requiring the insured to comply with a number of demands such as making a timely claim, submitting documents such as a sworn proof of loss, providing a verbal statement via a recorded statement or an examination under oath. The list of obligations placed on the insured is meant to be difficult and lengthy. Any failure to comply with post loss obligations can lead to your claim being denied.

Complying with your post-loss obligations, the insurance company completes its investigation. Typically, the insurance company takes all the information gathered and uses it to either deny or severely underpay the claim. When an insurance company refuses to pay for a covered loss or attempts to keep payout that should otherwise be paid to the insured then the insurance company may have engaged in bad faith. Most commonly this happens when legitimate claims are wrongfully denied, especially when a good reason is not given.

Policy holders often assume their insurance companies are trustworthy and take a denial of their claim in good faith. It is important to consult an attorney who is experienced in pursuing bad faith claims against insurance companies.

In a bad faith claim the plaintiff has a duty to prove each and every elements of the allegation by a preponderance of evidence, which may be a difficult standard when the insurance company has withheld information. In other jurisdictions the burden in the claimant may be even higher when the insured has to prove the insurance company intentionally undermined its investigation of the claim in order to be better able to deny the claim.

If the insured can prove the insurance company engaged in bad faith then the recovery can include compensation for the original claim as well as consequential damages caused by the improper denial of a claim. Consequential damages include attorney’s fees as compensation for the costs of litigation. Some states have specific damages available in successful bad faith claims such as awarding the insured treble damages.

Given each jurisdictions own rules, it is important to consult with a qualified attorney. The career attorneys at the Perazzo Law Firm have devoted their entire careers in seeking compensation from insurance companies. For your free consultation, please call us at (786) LAWS 411.

Flooding Could Lead to Higher Rates

Miami Lawyer Serving Insurance Claims in South Florida

Living in South Florida offers many advantages; just ask any of its residents  that enjoy the year-round sunshine and white sandy beaches. Sadly, the  threat of flooding from the ever-growing number of severe weather conditions may cause flood insurance rates to swell to new heights. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, flood insurance rates are expected to sore in the very near future; which could significantly sink the budgets of the households that reside along the East Coast. With the U.S. Senate meeting real soon to tackle the flood insurance matter, home owners need to find-out for sure where they stand when it comes to the amount of coverage insurance provider will offer once the flood-waters come a knocking on their door.

If you, a loved one, or family member has an insurance claim regarding loss or damage to your property as a result of severe weather conditions, the Perazzo Law Firm urges you to Contact us Online or Call (786) LAWS -411 for a Free initial consultation.

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