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Instacart Drivers Shot at in Confusing Episode

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On April 15, the Davie Police Department reported that two individuals who were delivering groceries through the Instacart delivery platform, accidently drove onto the property of a person in Southwest Ranches, Florida, some 30 miles from Miami. According to statements gathered by the authorities involved, one of them was on the phone with the customer and trying to locate the correct address. The property reported that he saw the Instacart vehicle on his property and asked his son to tell them to leave. The driver reportedly drove erratically, running over logs, boulders, and into a fence on the property. Supposedly, the property feared for the safety of his son, whose foot was allegedly run over by the Instacart delivery service driver. As a result, the property owner fired several rounds toward the Instacart vehicle’s tires with a powerful handgun. The delivery persons claimed that they attempted to reverse out of the area but crashed into an enormous rock-like structure, which led the property owner approach them in an overly aggressive manner as he grabbed hold of the Instacart driver’s door window. The two occupants of the Instacart vehicle heard three nearby gunshots and fled the scene immediately. The authorities did not file charges against either party, as they appeared justified in their actions based on the circumstances they perceived. However, the Broward County State Attorney requested a full investigation into the matter.

This incident is not the first of its kind as more and more similar situations have been reported of delivery services personnel such as Instacart are mistakenly shot at or even murdered after attempting to make a delivery to the incorrect address. Instacart issued a statement saying they would cooperate with law enforcement and take necessary action to ensure the safety of the community.

Other similar situations the wrong address leads to tragic circumstances

There have been recent cases of people being shot or killed after mistakenly going to the wrong address. For example, on April 13, a 16-year-old black teenager was shot in the head and arm by a homeowner in Kansas City, Missouri, after he went to the wrong address to pick up his siblings. The suspect was charged with felony assault and armed criminal action and pleaded not guilty. In another incident, on April 15, 20-year-old was shot and killed in upstate New York after her car accidentally pulled into the wrong driveway while looking for a friend’s house. The homeowner, who had a criminal record, fired at their vehicle as they were turning around, and he was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.


Due to the abundance of ride-share delivery services in Miami operating 24/7, accidents involving these operators can occur at any time, as they rush to complete deliveries and are often distracted by their apps. Pedestrians and motorists alike can become victims of these accidents, especially in a city like Miami, which is popular with tourists who are not familiar with the area. Furthermore, distracted driving due to cell phone use is a common problem among motorists in Miami and other cities. In the event of an accident involving a ride-share delivery service, the Perazzo Law Firm is ready to help victims seek compensation for their injuries.

Walmart is joining the trend of ride-share delivery services such as UberEats and DoorDash, aiming to offer customers in Miami the option of having their groceries and goods delivered directly to their homes. While online shopping is already common in Miami, Walmart is taking it to the next level by offering in-home delivery. Customers will have to pay a fee and install a special door lock for Walmart delivery employees to enter their homes and deliver the items to their refrigerators. However, the Walmart employees will be equipped with cameras, and customers can track their progress through a special app. Each delivery will be scheduled at the time of purchase to ensure that the employees do not enter the premises at inconvenient times. While some customers were initially skeptical, Walmart quickly gained their trust by implementing strict requirements for its delivery staff. Walmart is hoping to capitalize on the success of its grocery business, which accounts for half of its annual revenue.

What to do after an accident involving a rideshare accident.

If you, a family member or loved one has been hurt in a ride-share accident, the Perazzo Law Firm urges you to contact us ONLINE or CALL (786) LAWS-411 for a FREE initial consultation.

Uber Eats Incident ends in Horror 

According to Pasco Sheriff’s Office in New Port Richey, Florida, a man who disappeared during his Uber Eats delivery was found dismembered in trash bags. On April 19, Randall Cooke called his wife to inform her that he was about to complete his last Uber Eats delivery of the day and would be home soon. However, he never made it back home again. Cooke’s remains were later found in trash bags two days later at the address where he logged his last delivery. A local residents has been arrested and charged with murder. He is affiliated with the gang MS-13 and has a lengthy criminal record. Detectives are still trying to determine why the killing occurred. In a separate incident, a DoorDash driver in Tampa was sexually assaulted and robbed at gunpoint while making a delivery. Her family tracked her location and rescued her from the attacker, who fired multiple shots at them. The police are still searching for the attacker.

Delivery Service Accident and Crime News

Florida police are looking for a man who reportedly pointed a gun at a DoorDash driver and sexually assaulted her during a delivery at a hotel in Tampa on April 18. The driver’s girlfriend, who was on the phone with her at the time, realized what was happening and contacted the driver’s family, who then called the police. The attacker forced the driver to drive to an apartment complex where he sexually assaulted her. The driver’s family tracked her phone and rescued her from the car, but the suspect fired multiple shots at them, injuring one family member. Both the driver and injured family member were taken to a hospital. The suspect is still at large. DoorDash has expressed its support for the driver and shared some of its safety features, including a button drivers can use in the app to contact a security agent who will call 911. Police have released a composite sketch of the suspect and are asking for the public’s help in identifying him. The Tampa Interim Police Chief  would appreciate help from the community to find the suspected assailant.

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