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School Bus Accident – Children Safety Insight

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School Bus Accident Leads to Road Closures in SW Miami-Dade

A collision occurred in the southwestern part of Miami-Dade, Florida, involving a school bus from the Miami-Dade County school district in the early hours of Tuesday. This incident led to disruptions in traffic flow and temporary closures of roads in the vicinity. The crash took place beneath the Turnpike overpass on Southwest 216th Street.

While specific details are currently limited, reports suggest that the collision involved a black suburban vehicle and a school bus. As a consequence, significant traffic delays are anticipated, prompting the police to close westbound traffic at Frontage Road. However, the eastbound lanes remain accessible for traffic, except for northbound access onto the turnpike.

Commuters are advised to prepare for delays and consider alternate routes to avoid the congestion. Upon arrival at the scene, emergency responders were seen providing aid to the school bus driver, who was subsequently placed on a stretcher. Fortunately, her injuries are thought to be non-life-threatening.

The condition of potential passengers, possibly including students who might have been aboard the school bus, remains uncertain at this point. Local authorities have initiated an inquiry into the factors that contributed to the accident.

This incident sheds light on the persistent issue of school bus accidents in Florida, which has been a concern due to the safety of students and the disruption of traffic caused by such incidents. It underscores the importance of both cautious driving around school buses and the need for comprehensive investigations to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to the victims following this school bus accident in SW Miami-Dade, Florida.

Jonathan Perazzo, founder at the Perazzo Law Firm and a dedicated school bus accident lawyer in Miami, serves individuals and families who have suffered injury due to the negligence of others. With a deep understanding of the emotional toll accidents can take, our firm is committed to helping those in need.

Our news blog is designed to keep you informed on the latest personal injury cases and legal developments. We aim to raise awareness of the injury and loss of life that occurs in our community by sharing information from publicly available sources. However, please note that the information shared in our blog has not been independently verified, and the photos depicted are not necessarily representative of the actual event. If you notice any inaccuracies, please bring them to our attention for correction.

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In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm Recognizes the Complexities of School Bus Accidents

Placing your child’s safety in the hands of a school bus driver can be unnerving, considering the initial unfamiliarity. While school buses are generally considered safe, accidents involving them are unfortunately commonplace. These accidents don’t solely happen while the bus is in motion; dangers exist during boarding and disembarking as well. In fact, statistics from the National Center for Statistics and Analysis show that the most perilous moments are when children are entering or exiting the bus. Negligent drivers can escalate this danger, posing a serious threat to children’s lives and well-being.

Understanding the Risks:

  • Boarding and Disembarking Hazards: School bus accidents often happen while children are boarding or alighting. This phase is highly susceptible to accidents due to hasty and negligent motorists.
  • Negligent Drivers: Many accidents occur due to drivers disregarding school bus warning lights and signals, with negligent drivers being at fault in 9 out of 10 cases.
  • Alarming Figures: The National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services reported that nearly 11,000 Florida drivers pass stopped school buses each day, revealing a grave negligence issue.


In Florida, disregarding a stopped school bus with flashing red lights is illegal. Despite this, the American School Bus Council reveals that over ten million motorists flout this rule annually. Penalties for passing stopped school buses vary, including fines starting at $165 and potential license points. Passing on the side with children boarding or alighting can result in fines starting at $265, reflecting the seriousness of this offense.

Legal Consequences for Negligent Drivers:

  • 120 hours of community service
  • Mandatory participation in a driver improvement program
  • Addition of six points to the driver’s license
  • One-year suspension of driving privileges
  • A fine up to $1500

Preventing School Bus Accidents Through Caution and Awareness

The imperfect nature of the world underscores the need for prevention measures. The Perazzo Law Firm urges parents and guardians to take specific actions to reduce the risk of school bus-related injuries:

Safety Measures:

  • Know the Bus Route: Familiarize yourself with your child’s bus route and discuss it with them.
  • Safe Distances: Instruct your child not to walk behind the bus and to maintain ample space when walking in front of it.
  • Boarding Safety: Teach your child to wait for the bus to stop completely before attempting to board, and ensure their seat belt is securely fastened.
  • Bus Inspection: Inquire about the condition of the school bus, including proper seats, working seat belts, unobstructed emergency exits, functioning emergency lights, and GPS services.

Holding School Bus Drivers Accountable for Safety

While school bus accidents can result from negligent motorists or poorly maintained vehicles, school bus drivers themselves can also contribute to accidents. The Perazzo Law Firm acknowledges that even with stringent regulations, human error can come into play, including the use of cell phones by distracted school bus drivers. The rising population has led to more school bus traffic, emphasizing the importance of proper training.

School Bus Driver Requirements:

  • Class B Commercial Driver’s License
  • Valid physical examination
  • Approved criminal background check
  • Training in federal and state regulations
  • Demonstrate proper driving skills
  • Subject to random drug screening
  • Subject to random mental and physical check-ups
  • Driver Responsibility: School bus drivers are expected to obey traffic laws, respect speed limits, and act responsibly when transporting children. Violations that lead to injury may result in legal liability.

If your child has suffered injuries due to a school bus accident, the Perazzo Law Firm encourages you to contact our Miami or North Miami Beach offices for a FREE initial consultation. We offer ZERO-OUT-OF-POCKET costs for school bus accident cases on a No Win, No Fees basis.

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