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Burger King Facing Legal Battle – Miami Personal Injury Lawyer News

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Legal Battle Brews Over Burger Size: Judge Denies Burger King’s Dismissal Motion

When a picture is worth a thousand words, the Sandwich in the picture better not fall short of a least ten.

Misleading Advertising Allegations
A recent ruling by a U.S. district judge in Miami has put Burger King in the legal spotlight. The judge rejected the fast-food giant’s attempt to dismiss a lawsuit claiming that the company’s Whopper sandwiches are smaller than advertised. The lawsuit alleges that Burger King’s use of images on menus and store signage misleads customers by making the Whopper appear larger and more substantial than it actually is.

Overflowing Expectations: Plaintiffs’ Claims
The proposed class action lawsuit contends that Burger King’s promotional materials depict the Whopper with ingredients overflowing the bun, creating an impression of greater size and meat content. This visual presentation allegedly gives customers a false perception of the product they will receive, leading to disappointment upon purchase.

Legal Verdict and Consequences
U.S. District Judge Roy Altman ruled against Burger King’s motion for dismissal. The judge’s decision means that Burger King will need to address the claims made by the plaintiffs. In addition to the breach of contract allegation, the plaintiffs are now permitted to proceed with claims related to negligence and unjust enrichment.

Limits to Claims: TV and Online Advertising
While the judge allowed certain claims to move forward, he dismissed the plaintiffs’ assertions concerning TV and online ads. Judge Altman noted that these ads did not make explicit claims about sandwich size or patty weight that the restaurant failed to meet, thus limiting the scope of the case.

Wider Industry Impact
Burger King is not the only fast-food chain grappling with such legal challenges. Similar lawsuits are being directed at other major players in the industry. Taco Bell, for instance, is facing a lawsuit in New York, accused of offering products with less filling than advertised. Additionally, McDonald’s and Wendy’s are currently defending against allegations that they use undercooked beef patties in advertisements to create a deceptive sense of size and appeal.

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