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Rideshare Accident Lawyer in Miami shares the latest news in the world of rideshare services

There’s a new rideshare service on the block.

Alto Rideshare is a new rideshare service that is quickly gaining popularity due to its many benefits over its competitors. Perhaps most notably, Alto Rideshare does not allow sex offenders or intoxicated drivers to work for them as they run strict background checks. This makes it a much safer option for passengers, who can be assured that their driver is not a danger to them. Additionally, Alto Rideshare is much more reliable than other rideshare services, which often experience issues with third-party accidents. Finally, Alto Rideshare insurance coverage is much more comprehensive than its competitors’, meaning that passengers can be confident that they will be protected in the event of an accident.

Alto rideshare services offers passengers the chance to control the music they want to hear with in-app Vibe.

Alto drivers are employees, unlike other rideshare service drivers working for Uber or Lyft. Trained, professional drivers

Alto drivers are assessed and trained to provide a safe ride. They are also trained to provide the best possible customer service, as well as monitored by real time cloud-based video surveillance.

Every Alto vehicle guarantees cleanliness and luxury. They are also equipped with HEPA air filtration and surfaces are treated with  to kill viruses and bacteria on-contact.

Each car is WiFi enabled with personalized touches like water bottles, masks, and full music and climate control.

Alto offers advanced logistics software so that delivery services can accommodate same-day dispatch and arrival needs. Furthermore, single-batch pickups provide advanced routing and delivery services.

Regardless of Alto’s commitment to passenger safety, no vehicle or driver is 100% exempt from the possibility of falling victim to the negligence of other motorists. Florida is rank #1 when it comes to motor vehicle accidents, and is considered the most dangerous State for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.


The rideshare industry is big business. In the US alone, Uber is estimated to be worth $70 billion, while Lyft is valued at $15 billion. But as the industry has grown, so too has the number of accidents involving rideshare vehicles.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to a rideshare accident. In some cases, it may be the fault of the driver, while in others it may be the fault of the rideshare company. And in some cases, it may be the fault of the passenger.

No matter who is at fault, rideshare accidents can be dangerous. They can result in injuries, insurance claims, and even death.

Rideshare drivers are not required to have the same level of training as traditional taxi or cab drivers. In some cases, they may not even have a valid driver’s license.

This lack of training can lead to accidents. In one case, an Uber driver in San Francisco ran over a pedestrian, killing him. The driver had only been working for Uber for two weeks.

Uber has also been criticized for its background check procedures. In some cases, drivers with criminal records, including sex offenders, have been able to pass Uber’s background check and become drivers.

This has led to passengers being put in danger. In one case, an Uber passenger in South Carolina was sexually assaulted by her driver.


The Miami accident lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo shares some safety tips for preventing accidents or falling victim to criminal activity during an Uber, Lyft, or any other rideshare service company.

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional taxi cabs. While these services are generally safe, there have been some reports of accidents and crime related to rideshare services. Here are some tips for preventing rideshare accidents and crime, as well as what to do if you are involved in an accident or incident.

  • Avoid sharing personal information with the driver
  • Avoid falling asleep during your ride
  • Stay alert as to your whereabouts
  • Make sure the driver profile matches the person behind the wheel
  • Keep in touch with a friend or relative during your ride
  • Take a screenshot of the ride information
  • Contact the Perazzo Law Firm immediately after an accident or incident which leads to injuries or wrongdoing

If you, a friend, or relative has been involved in a rideshare accident, either as a driver, passenger, or third-party victim, contact the Perazzo Law Firm NOW for a FREE initial consultation.

A ride-share delivery accident in Miami can occur at any given moment due to the continuous operation of ride-share delivery service companies, operating seven days a week. When ride-share delivery drivers hit the streets, they are often in a rush to complete deliveries and move on to the next one, as their profit increases with the number of deliveries they make. These drivers are frequently distracted by the app that keeps them busy, further increasing the likelihood of them being at fault for accidents they are involved in. Pedestrians in Miami, particularly tourists unfamiliar with the city’s layout, often fall victim to ride-share delivery drivers since the city is frequently crowded with sightseers. Additionally, motorists may find themselves in accidents with ride-share delivery services due to growing traffic congestion. Perazzo Law understands that distracted driving is a common occurrence among motorists in Miami, as well as in other cities where cars are prevalent, with cellphone use, including texting and driving or using GPS apps, being major distractions. When these factors converge, the usual outcome is a car accident with innocent victims bearing the consequences. In the event of an accident involving a ride-share delivery service, the Perazzo Law Firm’s personal injury team is prepared to fight for the rights of the accident victim to seek compensation for injuries or damages suffered by themselves, their friends, or their family members in Miami.

As the demand for ride-share delivery services like UberEats, Instacart, and DoorDash continues to rise, Walmart is striving to stay ahead in this food delivery frenzy. With over a million customers placing InHome Delivery orders from Walmart in several cities on the East Coast, Miami has become the next target for this retail and grocery giant. While online shopping, including platforms like eBay, already offers free and reliable delivery, Walmart aims to take home delivery to the next level. Customers ordering groceries online from Walmart would need to pay a fee and cover the cost of a special door lock, allowing Walmart delivery employees to enter their homes and make their way to the fridge. Essentially, this means that strangers will have access to customers’ homes, businesses, or workplaces. However, Walmart’s delivery employees will be equipped with cameras that customers can access through a dedicated app, enabling them to track the employee’s progress towards their refrigerator. Furthermore, each delivery will be planned and scheduled at the time of the online purchase, ensuring that customers can rest assured that Walmart home delivery personnel won’t arrive at inconvenient times. Initially, customers were hesitant during pilot tests conducted in New Jersey, as property owners were uncomfortable with strangers entering their premises in their absence. However, according to a Walmart executive leading this new concept of home delivery, Walmart quickly gained the trust of its customers by implementing strict requirements for the delivery staff involved in this style of service. In summary, Walmart is eager to capitalize on the booming trend of home delivery and the success of its grocery business, which accounts for 50% of its annual revenue.

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