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The ability to take to the air in a flying vehicle may soon be just as important as knowing how to back your car out of a driveway in the morning to go to work, to school, or even a date. However, operating an engine-powered vehicle through the air over urban settings may be a bit more complex than shifting your car into reverse, and will require more than the ability to parallel park to qualify for a license.

The Perazzo Law Firm has been researching the looming potential for short distance air transportation within major cities around the world, and the increase in short distance air travel by private plane owners and plane rental services. Furthermore, the Perazzo Law Firm believes that by 2014, many Miami resident will be piloting their own flying vehicles amid clear skies, fog, rain, and winds blowing in from either side of the Florida peninsula.

For this reason, the Perazzo Law Firm strongly recommends aspiring pilots to seek CFI (Certified Flight Instructor Training) at FAA certified aviation schools or academies that have a reputation for qualified aviation training.

At the Perazzo Law Firm we understand that acquiring aviation skills demand CFI (Certified Flight Instructors) training at certified flight schools, and with many to choose from nationwide, those seeking a career as a pilot or simply want to learn for recreational purposes, must make sure the flight school they choose is certified and meet FAA criteria for aviation safety and proper training.

The Perazzo Law Firm staff of Aviation Accident and Insurance claims lawyers recommend that potential air pilot enthusiasts and private plane license seekers that are learning to fly a Cessna, a 737, or a  helicopter, keep in mind that nothing beats flight time experience and a good flight mentor. We also understand that learning to fly is highly recommendable ability to acquire which can lead to a prosperous business and recreational future that is full of exhilarating moments for you, your family, and friends.

So, what about Uber Elevate or Uber Air, when it starts to fly overhead from high rise Uber ports, picking up and dropping off Uber Elevate riders? Who will be responsible for the initial Uber flights? Pilots or drivers? The Perazzo Law Firm is betting on pilots. That said, Uber Elevate will need to begin training pilots to transport passengers off Uber ports and on route to their destinations through the air. But will they be alone? What’s to stop a billionaire from purchasing his/her own flying craft, taking a pilot’s course, and taking to the air on route to a friend’s airport in his garden? According to the Perazzo Law Firm’s vision with regards to air travel in the very near future, airborne hopefuls are advised to begin seeking information on what it takes to get a pilot’s license, own a small plane, or even learn to fly for Uber Elevate.

Though commercial air traffic has slowed amid COVID-19’s strangle hold on aviation, new opportunities rise on the horizon for those wishing to learn to pilot a plane, either for recreation, work, or for a career as an airline pilot.

As modern technologies discover ways of making our lives simpler, so will engineers develop ways to make travel more cost and time efficient. Uber, the popular ride-share service which operates in over 50 major cities around the world, is planning to launch Uber Elevate by 2013, transporting passengers through the air in vehicle more resembling aircraft than cars. And to fly an aircraft, you need a pilot.

The Very Near Future of Revolutionary Air Travel

Just like Elon Musk took an active part in the launch of the SpaceX just months ago, so does Uber and Hyundai look to have commercial transport services operating throughout the world in cities where residents will soon witness flying cars, or small flying planes, or maybe very large drones with people inside of them. Whether these vehicles will be operated remotely by an Uber employee located within some virtual command post, aviation technology will be required. This will most certainly require skills similar to those possessed by air traffic controllers. This said, you may now realize one of the many complexities behind air travel by service operators other than commercial pilots. As the Perazzo Law Firm sees future air travel, those needing to go from Oklahoma to Las Vegas may be better off flying their own plane or hiring an Uber Elevate to take them to the top of Caesar’s Palace for an evening show and night on the town. Why not? But for that futuristic glimpse of our reality, there will be a need for pilots, accompanied by training, and knowledge of the guidelines that will make commercial short distance and private air travel possible.

Till then, let’s all stay safe and if possible, let’s all learn to fly!

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