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In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm shares information concerning the most dangerous roadways in Florida and how to prevent motor vehicle accidents.

The Most Dangerous Highways in Florida.

According to the Highway Safety Administration, Interstate 95 is considered the most dangerous and deadliest motorway in the United States. In 2019, there were some 285 fatal accidents on the stretch of highway that connects such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Miami.

With regards to Florida car accident, which tops the nation as the most dangerous place to drive, Miami-Dade County accounts for the highest total number of motor vehicle accidents, with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, reporting 65,143 accidents, with some 32,0000 injuries and 300 deaths.

Taking a closer look at the roadways and the number of car accidents per mile, the ten most dangerous roadways in Florida for motorists include the following:

  • I-4 (ranks 1st as the most dangerous highway in the United States)
  • I-95
  • Beach Boulevard
  • 66th Street
  • I-95 North in Miami
  • Semoran Boulevard
  • NW 79th Street
  • W State Hwy 60
  • 34th Street North
  • NW 54th Street
  • Cortez Road West
  • The Florida Turnpike

The Counties in Florida that account for the highest number of Motor Vehicle accidents

Miami-Dade county ranks 1st with the most accidents, averaging 200 crashes a day. Broward and Orange County follow closely behind in terms of population and accidents. The reported motor vehicle accidents per county are the following:

  • Miami-Dade County – 65,509
  • Broward County – 41,308
  • Orange County – 30,992

The remaining counties, total some 130,000 motor vehicle accidents combined. They are:

  • Hillsborough County
  • Duval County
  • Palm Beach County
  • Pinellas County
  • Lee County
  • Polk County
  • Volusia County

Motorist Accident Prevention – Tips for Avoiding Accidents

For preventing car accidents, the Miami Car Accident Lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo recommends avoiding the use of your cellphone while you drive. In Miami,  texting and driving accidents occur everyday which result in personal injury to residents throughout Florida, with millions in losses from distracted motorists behind the wheel. sing cell phones for social media purposes such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Waze, etc., are leading to traffic accidents that involve bike riders, joggers, pedestrians and other motorists. Most of these cell phone related accidents usually lead to injuries, damages and losses to innocent individuals that fall victim to negligent drivers. Cell phone related accidents in Miami have risen dramatically over the past five years and are soon to take top spot when it comes to negligent or reckless driving, surpassing drunk driving as the leading cause of traffic accidents. In Miami and  throughout Florida,  motorist that uses their cell phone while driving to text, chat, or even use Waze, for example, are placing their well-being and the lives of others at risk of of falling victim to injuries, damages and losses. The Perazzo Law Firm knows that not all cell phone related accidents have drivers at fault for accidents, given that bike riders, joggers, and pedestrians also use their cell phones negligently while partaking in their activities while sharing avenues, streets and roadways with motorists. Many times, pedestrians cross avenues and streets while looking down at their phones without paying attention to motorists approaching, many of whom may also be distracted by negligent cell phone use. In Florida, a set of laws have been passed to help curve the growing trend of cell phone use behind the wheel. Texting and driving is now considered illegal and subject to fines and even jail time. When a traffic accident occurs and the motorist that caused the accident is found legally at fault for the accident due to negligent cell phone use, either through eyewitness testimony or through an insurance claim that leads to an investigation by insurance providers or attorneys, legal action will ensue and lead to economic implications that may have a short or long term effect on their lives. Following a cell phone related accident in Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm strongly suggests hiring a trusted attorney to handle an insurance claim for compensation on behalf of the victim.


  1. The police can pull you over if you are spotted using your cell phone while driving or in motion.
  2. Warnings do not effect your driving record.
  3. Cell phone use in school zones is absolutely prohibited and subject to fines.
  4. Hands free devices and Bluetooth is allowed but earphones can only be used in one ear.
  5. GPS services can be used (verbally) by drivers though they must be activated before starting and after ending the trip. Distractions can lead to accidents.
  6. Using a cell phone device to record a situation while driving is against the law.
  7. The first offence is a $30 fine and no points off your license.
  8. The second offence (within 5 years) calls for a $60 fine and 3 points off your license for a moving violation.
  9. The driver found guilty of negligent cell phone use must pay court costs and fees.
  10. A police officer is not allowed to take your phone to prove you were using it but can refer to surveillance cameras. Keep in mind that police officers are trained to detect motorists that are using their cell phone while driving.

In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm advises motorists to refrain from doing the following:

  • Do not use your cell phone devices while driving and your vehicle is in motion.
  • Do not take calls or text and drive while your vehicle is in motion.
  • Do not block traffic to use your phone.
  • If you need to use GPS services, it is best enter addresses and locations prior to taking to an avenue, street, or highway.
  • Do not use your cell phone on highways or when driving at high speeds.
  • Do not use your cell phone in school zones or areas where road work is being carried out.
  • If pulled over, do not deny using your phone. A warning may be warranted if you comply and are honest.

Avoid taking to highways or driving at high speeds in bad weather. Driving in bad weather always presents a challenge to motorists, no matter how experienced a driver is or what kind of vehicle he or she is driving. Accidents in bad weather are not always the result of adverse weather conditions such as fog, rain, or heavy winds, but rather, how motorists apply their driving skills and what measures they take to insure save driving. Knowing what to do when driving through fog or heavy rains requires that motorists adjust their driving speeds to conditions of the road and flow of traffic. Speeding is one of the main causes of accidents that occur in bad weather conditions and drivers must learn to slow down when roads are wet and traction and visibility are reduced. Braking distances must also be considered when driving under rainy skies as motorists can easily lose control of their vehicles when trying to stop in the event of a stopped vehicle or other maneuver that must be taken unexpectedly. Not all drivers operate their vehicles in the same manner as other drivers and more experienced drivers may overestimate their abilities to react appropriately to a sudden need to swerve, dodge, or stop on wet roadways. Swerving can cause other motorists driving behind you to have to react suddenly. When this happens, more inexperienced drivers may easily lose control of their vehicles and this may lead into a collision. Collisions in bad weather most often lead to more than one vehicle being involved in an accident, as sudden maneuvers on wet roads require greater braking distances. When traffic in bad weather is heavy, drivers are forced to reduce the speeds in which they drive and this causes cars to be more closely packed together. Ample space between vehicles is highly recommended in order to provide motorists with better time to react to a sudden stop in the flow of traffic. Visibility is another very important factor to consider when driving in bad weather. When visibility is reduced because of heavy rain or fog, the chances of an accident increase, especially when driving at speeds that exceed 30 mph. Night driving accidents on highways are a major risk to the well-being of motorists.


After having consumed alcohol or other narcotics, whether prescription or recreational, it is always best to have someone else drive. As long as that person is physically and mentally fit to do so.

The Miami Uber and rideshare accident lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm understand that Uber and other ride share services, either for transportation of passengers as well as for the delivery of goods, rely on cell phone use to carry out services. The use of GPS via Waze or Google Maps is one of the main tools for Uber and ride share delivery services providers in order to reach their destinations more effectively. However, the use of GPS services many times leads drivers into areas that are not used to the flow of traffic and aggressive or negligent drivers. Traffic accidents in suburban areas such as Coral Gables, for example, have seen an increase in the number of cell phone related accidents involving pedestrians, joggers, bike riders and all those sharing quiet streets with Uber and ride share services vehicle operators. Bike and pedestrian paths are no longer as safe as they used to be as a result of negligent cell phone use, as motorcycle riders may use these paths to avoid traffic and drivers may inadvertently enter bike paths while overtaking other vehicles. There have been cases where motorists lose control of their vehicle and run over pedestrians or crash into bike riders and skaters. All this, when coupled with negligent cell phone use, makes walking, jogging, skating, and bike riding activities that require safety precautions at all times. Uber drivers may not always be subject to fault after an accident and may sometimes fall victim to the negligence of other drivers. Uber accidents in Miami for example, can result from negligent commercial truck drivers, bikers, and even pedestrians. An Uber, Lyft, or other ride share delivery services vehicles accident which involves proven cell phone use negligence while driving, can merit an insurance claim for compensation by the injured parties. It’s important to highlight that Uber carries an insurance policy which can cover up to $1 million to compensate for injuries, damages, or losses.


The start of 2022 will hopefully be the start of post-pandemic life and people will be going all-out to have the best time possible.  Sadly, disorder and negligence are, two factors that lead to potential accidents and injuries. In order to stay safe by preventing accidents, the Miami personal injury staff at the Perazzo Law Firm has prepared a list of safety tips to prevent a visit to the hospital and potential permanent injuries from accidents cause by negligence.

Preventing accidents on in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Orange County

Pedestrian Accident Prevention – Tips for Avoiding Accidents

  • Always use crosswalks at intersections and always stay alert to stopped or oncoming traffic. Drunk or distracted motorists may not see you or others crossing. Many drivers are easily distracted by cellphone use as motorists use their cellphone while driving to read/send text message, use GPS services, and to play music on Spotify. Pedestrians are at very high risk of suffering injuries from accidents caused by negligent drivers. This does not necessarily mean that they might be struck by the distracted or drunk driver, but that motorist may rear-end a vehicle stopped at a stop sign or red light. Rear-end collisions are one of the most common car accident situations and they are the direct result of negligent cellphone use while driving.
  • Avoid poorly lit areas and never cross in the middle of the block or try to step into oncoming traffic to rush across the street.
  • If possible, wear a reflective garment when walking after dusk.



The personal injury attorney and founder of the Perazzo Law Firm, shares basic and valuable insight for drivers, passengers, or third-party victims that have suffered losses from an Uber accident in Miami-Dade or Broward County.

“Little known fact: in Florida, if the app is on at the time of the Uber accident, there is $50,000 in coverage through Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM) for the Uber driver and $50,000 UM coverage for those individuals riding in vehicle that the Uber driver crashed into.” (See UM Coverage).

Uber represents the fasting-growing rideshare service in the United States thanks to the user-friendliness of its App; the quality of its drivers and vehicles, the range it covers within cities and suburbs, and modest rates. Regardless, Uber drivers are not exempt from getting into car accidents just like any other vehicle on the road, and this may be a direct result of the Uber driver’s negligence or the fault of another motorist. Therefore, an Uber car accident should be handled like any other car crash or any motor vehicle accident in Miami (see What to do after a car accident?). The only difference between a private vehicle and an Uber is that the Uber vehicle will carry enough insurance to cover medical costs and losses to the Uber accident victim. When an Uber accident occurs, regardless of fault, Uber drivers and passengers are covered for as much as $1,000,000.00 to cover medical expenses, damages, and losses to injured parties not at fault. But how to get that from Uber and the insurance provider?

The Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer when dealing with an Uber related Accident

An experienced car accident and personal injury lawyer will know what to do and how to achieve a successful insurance claim for compensation from the Uber insurance provider. When an accident occurs, drivers must exchange vehicle and personal information. This information should be passed-on to the personal injury lawyer that represents the accident victims or those involved in the Uber accident. When an insurance claim is presented against an insurance provider, the personal injury lawyer handling the claim will send a letter to the insurance provider requesting information to verify that an Uber driver or vehicle was involved in the accident. The insurance provider will have to reply and if there is an Uber services vehicle was indeed involved in the accident, the insurance provider will have to compensate Uber drivers or passengers regardless of fault for the accident. Whether an Uber vehicle insurance provider will cover third-party accident victims for losses depends on establishing fault for the accident on behalf of the Uber services vehicle (See Establishing Fault in a Car Accident).


After a car crash in Miami, establishing fault for the collision is important and something that an experienced car accident attorney can do to maximize the chances of a successful insurance claim to compensate Uber accident victims; who must remember that Florida motorists are obliged by law to carry some sort of insurance coverage, with the mandatory insurance coverage policies being PIP and PD. Regardless, some motorists may not carry any insurance at all. When this happens, professional car accident lawyers are required to receive compensation for bodily harm, vehicle damage, or financial losses. A lawyer that has experience handling insurance claims that involve Uber, will investigate the Uber accident by aiming to interview accident victims and any witnesses, as well as try to gather footage from any surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the accident. These measures will help establish fault for the accident and help determine the extent of injuries and damages incurred by the accident victims.


After an accident that involves an Uber services vehicle, common injuries may include:

  • Head Injuries
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Neck Injuries
  • Back Injuries
  • Hip Injuries
  • Breaks / Fractures
  • Other…

All of the above injuries should be evaluated by a trained medical professional through an MRI study at a quality imaging center. It is important that Uber related accident victims that suffer any of the above injuries understand that sometimes injuries such as those to the cervical spine, may not manifest themselves immediately after the accident and may develop over time. That is why, a medical evaluation immediately after the Uber services vehicle or any car accident, is highly recommended.

Florida and Traffic Accidents

According to recent surveys, Florida is the most dangerous place for motorists given the large number of traffic accidents that occur daily. The Miami car accident lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm, share why Miami ranks among the top for accidents and injuries suffered by drivers and passengers.
One of the reasons why Florida is such a dangerous city to drive in include the following:
Careless driving- usually involves negligent cell phone use while in motion, usually on a highway or Avenue. Drivers often fail to notice stop traffic ahead and when they do it is usually too late to prevent a collision. sometimes drivers that failed to notice stopped traffic ahead at a red light, leading to a rear end accident or a sudden lane change. Making an improper lane change or failure to yield to oncoming traffic is considered a traffic violation and the police officer reporting to the accident scene will usually issue a citation for careless driving. When a driver is issued a citation it usually means that the driver was considered at fault for the accident. This is important for the accident victim because it helps to set the grounds for a successful insurance claim for compensation by the accident victim’s car accident attorney.

In Miami, if you, a friend, or relative has been injured in an accident, contact the Perazzo Law Firm NOW for a FREE initial consultation.

If you, a friend, or relative has suffered bodily injury after an accident involving an Uber rideshare services vehicle in Miami, the personal injury staff of lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm urge you to contact them ONLINE for a FREE initial consultation and ZERO OUT-OF-POCKET FEES to its Uber accident victims.

The Perazzo Law Firm is highly dedicated to providing Uber accident victims with the best possible legal representation when handling Uber accident insurance claims for compensation to cover injuries, damages, medical expenses, and losses stemming from an Uber car accident in Miami-Dade and Broward County.


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