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Miami-Dade County: The era of self-driving cars is no longer a futuristic concept; in fact, they have become quite commonplace in many parts of today’s modern automotive world. For instance, in Germany, self-driving cars traveling at speeds of up to 120 mph on the autobahn with passengers engaged in conference calls are increasingly common. While some motorists may still view self-driving cars as unnecessary, their imminent introduction into the US car market is on the horizon. This has ignited a debate on how American drivers will be impacted by self-driving cars and how these vehicles will shape urban life.

From a sociological standpoint, Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) could potentially alleviate the stress and pressures often associated with everyday driving, such as anxiety and road rage, ultimately leading to an improved quality of life. Moreover, when equipped appropriately, self-driving vehicles can transform the interior into a versatile space, serving as a meeting room, dining area, living room, or even a bedroom where one can watch TV and engage in various activities. With a vehicle essentially becoming a second home, the possibilities are endless.

A recent study published in The Journal of Sex Research indicates that 60 percent of Americans have explored the idea of having sexual encounters in cars. With self-driving vehicles, these intimate moments could unfold while cruising down a Florida highway or along the streets of Miami, provided the windows are appropriately tinted. Consequently, the concept of sexual activities taking place in a moving vehicle should come as no surprise to urban residents, as driverless cars will be computer-operated and offer ample space for various arrangements, including beds.

While Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) may not have gained widespread popularity yet, they are expected to become a household term by 2020, as a significant rollout of CAVs is anticipated in modern cities, attracting interest from a wide range of drivers. However, how will CAVs impact both urban and rural life? Experts argue that the use of CAVs will lead to reduced travel times, decreased pollution levels compared to traditional vehicles, and a reduction in the stress experienced by drivers in congested traffic and chaotic driving conditions. As for intimate encounters, CAVs might emerge as a new alternative to hourly hotels, offering a private setting for romantic encounters. With more space inside and amenities such as sofas or beds, CAV interiors can be likened to a limousine but without the need for a human driver.

For more information on driverless vehicles and potential accidents, residents in Miami can consult a personal injury lawyer who can address further questions and concerns.

The Effects of Driverless Cars on Urban Life

The benefits of autonomous vehicles may be readily apparent to the driver, who essentially becomes a passenger in their own vehicle. Free from the need to remain constantly vigilant while the vehicle navigates through city streets, avenues, or highways, vehicle owners can engage in activities such as exercise, dining, and even rest. However, this convenience could have ripple effects on businesses like gyms, restaurants, and motels.

With motorists no longer compelled to stop for meals or rest breaks during long-distance journeys, it’s conceivable that traditional restaurants and motels could face challenges in competing with automated vehicles. This could lead to potential revenue losses for these establishments. On the flip side, the drawback of autonomous vehicles is that they might encourage more people to opt for private AV transportation over public transit. This could exacerbate the already existing issue of traffic congestion on the roadways, streets, and avenues in and around Miami-Dade and Broward County cities.

Experts have likened Automated Vehicles (AVs) to what the smartphone was to communication, signifying a significant transformation in the way we approach and experience driving.

Self-Driving Vehicles and Insurance Coverage 

With nobody literary at the wheel, who would be held responsible in the event an accident which leads to Personal Injury, Property Damage, or Loss? Much like all registered vehicles in the state of Florida, PIP, which is the minimum insurance coverage required by law, will be upheld. It is interesting to see if Bodily Injury and Property Damage coverage will be required by law for Automated Vehicles (AVs). See 10 Best Insurance Policies in Florida.

Irrespective of the insurance coverage held by an Autonomous Vehicle (AV), experts delving into the subject foresee a decrease in motor vehicle accidents, primarily because the majority of accidents stem from human errors. Unlike humans, a computer-driven vehicle will not engage in activities like driving under the influence or texting while on the road. Nonetheless, it’s important to acknowledge that computers can be susceptible to glitches.

Furthermore, experts assert that AVs have the potential to reduce emissions, curbing pollution, and also facilitate quicker parking for motorists in some of Miami-Dade’s more congested cities, such as Miami Beach, Hialeah, Homestead, and others.

Automated Vehicles In Miami-Dade

Miami-Dade County Mayor, Carlos Gimenez, has recently commented that he sees vehicles (AVs) of the future as ‘rolling living rooms’, and expressed his desire for Miami-Dade to be at the forefront of the CAV rollout. Mayor Gimenez also said that the next transport revolution may very well be electric flying taxis, adding that a German company called Lillium is working on a sedan that can take-off and land with top speeds of 185 mph.

For now, it’s get in your car, start the engine, and hit the gas. In the near future, it may simply be about getting in and doing whatever you want till you reach your destination.

The Future is Now!

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