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APRIL 2023: Oregonians are being advised to prepare for another surge in COVID-19 cases in June, as health officials expect two new variants (XBB.1.16 and XBB.1.9) to emerge and cause an increase in cases. The state is anticipating the variants, which are spreading in other countries, to peak at the end of the month, although this forecast is subject to change. The FDA has approved updated booster shots from Moderna and Pfizer, which are expected to be available in Oregon soon, but only for those aged 65 and over or people with compromised immune systems who have received their last dose four months ago. The new variants are highly infectious and could cause more severe symptoms. While the pandemic has wound down and life is mostly back to normal, health officials recommend continued mask-wearing in certain settings to protect those at higher risk of severe COVID outcomes. The federal public health emergency will end on May 11, which means an end to pandemic support from the federal government, including vaccine subsidies. Pfizer plans to sell its COVID vaccine for $110 to $130 a dose, which will be covered by insurance policies, but patients may face co-pays. The Oregon Health Authority plans to ensure a smooth transition to commercialized COVID-19 vaccines, with federal funding to help people without insurance pay for the shots. The state has recorded nearly 973,000 cases of COVID and 9,530 deaths to date. While hospitalizations have decreased since the peak in September 2021, health officials advise that there will still be more cases in the future, and recommend getting any necessary shots or boosters before the federal COVID health emergency ends on May 11.

The Florida Department of health, together with the CDC and US Department of Health and Human Services continue to report on the current rise and spread of coronavirus cases and other COVID sub variants.

In Miami, officials are offering free COVID vaccines to babies over six months old. Despite Governor Ron DeSantis’ opposition to a state program vaccinating children under five, many parents are opting for the free vaccines, even though COVID poses little threat to young children. Nomi Health, along with seven other locations, is providing the free vaccines. The Federal Government has purchased an excess of vaccines that they cannot sell, so they plan to give them away.


  • Tropical Park, 7900 SW 40th Street Miami FL 33155
  • Dolphin Mall, 11401 NW 12th Street Miami FL 33172
  • Zoo Miami, 12400 SW 152 Street Miami FL 33177
  • Joseph Caleb Center, 5400 NW 22 Ave Miami FL 33142
  • Miami Beach 17 St Garage, 530 17th Street Miami Beach FL 33139
  • Aventura Mall, 19525 Biscayne Blvd Aventura FL 33180
  • Harris Field, 675 North Homestead Blvd Homestead FL 33030
  • Miami Dade College (North Campus), 11380 NW 27th Ave Miami FL 33167


New omicron strain threatens Miami-Dade.

The first confirmed omicron subvariant cases is spreading concern in Miami-Dade County, according to Premier Medical Laboratory Services.

BA.4 is the latest player in what seems like a never-ending COVID saga. Just when you thought it was over, this latest strain is placing the CDC and health organizations on the alert, as the new variants laugh in the face of the so-called anti-COVID vaccines and booster shots.

The World Health Organization, has reported that BA.4 and BA.5 have a greater rate of transmission and could prove more deadly to those with underlining health issues. However, much of the news coming from the WHO is relative to the political and economic back drop of the pharmaceutical business.

Meanwhile, there has been a recent surge in COVID cases throughout Florida.

The Perazzo Law Firm recommends reading about COVID Safety Measures for Florida residents.


Gasoline and food prices are not the only things on the rise these days. Despite the Federal Government’s initiatives to curb inflation and stop the spread of COVID through multiple doses of the vaccines, the plan just doesn’t seem to working out the way they planned. Hospitalizations and cases are on the rise in Florida. with 9,579 cases and 22 deaths over the past 7 days, this according to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With regards to the number of Florida residents fully vaccinated, the figure stands at 14,462,600. Sadly, the total number of COVID cases stands at 6,169,670, with 74,557 deceased since COVID hit the Florida.
Given the rise in COVID cases in Florida, the CDC is recommending that high risk factor individuals use facial coverings when taking part in indoor activities or in places where there are large crowds. Though, the WHO had stated that facial coverings did little to prevent the spread of COVID, the CDC is pushing for a mask comeback, as well as possible 6th and 7th dose of the anti-COVID vaccines.
In Miami-Dade 10,971 people have died of COVID related circumstances last week, representing 404 fatalities for every 100,000 residents since March 2022. This surge is raising concerns over the effectiveness of the vaccines and any future viruses on the horizon.

Masks out the window on trains, planes, and automobiles in Florida.

COVID NEWS – FLORIDA: Less than 24 hours ago, the Federal Government has decided that masks will no longer be mandatory on trains and planes throughout the United States. Nonetheless, the Biden Administration is encouraging healthy people to get a fourth anti-COVID “vaccine” shot. Ridiculous, indeed! But you’re free to toss you mask out the window. In Florida meanwhile, a federal judge has ruled the mask mandate illegal and relatively useless for limiting the spread of the coronavirus and all its cousins. Following the lifting of the 14-month mandate, the following airlines have announced that masks are no longer required by law onboard its crafts:

  • AA – American Airlines
  • Delta
  • Jet Blue
  • United Airlines
  • Southwest

Despite U.S. health official’s push to keep people masked and shots in their arms, the lifting of the mask mandate also includes rail operators such as Amtrak, which has announced that its passengers can opt for the use of masks while onboard its trains. Taxis and rideshare services operators are also legally permitted to go mask less. This is great news for everyone wishing to return to life as normal as possible following more than two years since the start of the COVID pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions, and masks. Sadly, in more Democratic such as New York, bus and subway users will be prompted to keep their mask on until the effects of not wearing masks is analyzed and the court order which lifted the mask mandate is reviewed.

Federal Government wants you to get a fifth dose, regardless of COVID disappearing in the United States

According to the CDC (Center for Disease and Centro) Florida has endured the greatest strain on its hospital infrastructure than most U.S. state. While its no surprise the CDC would target Florida for its stance on COVID related matters, which goes against the Federal Government demands for vaccination and mask mandates, it seems its hospitals have been the most hit by COVID. However, the CDC failed to report that Florida is also one of the most populous U.S. states. Thus, it is only “natural” for its hospitals and staff have had to battle COVID as fiercely as states such as California, New York, and Texas. Data provided by the CDC shows that the impact on Florida hospitals stands at 67% when it comes to the threat of hospitalization, which can be “low,” “medium,” or “high”. The reports also claims that 30% of Florida residents reside in areas where hospitals can experience a medium-impact from a new outbreak. A low-impact score implies that the number of hospitalizations falls below 200 cases per 100K in a week.

Impact level by county:

  • HIGH– Alachua / Suwannee / Hamilton / Levy / Lafayette / Dixie / Gilchrist / Bradford / Union – 
  • MEDIUM – Baker / Nassau / Clay / Marion / Citrus / Pasco / Hillsborough / Pinellas / Polk / Hardee / Hernando / Sarasota /  DeSoto / Charlotte / Highlands / Tampa / Jacksonville – Medium
  • LOW – All East Coast Counties and North-Western Counties

According to official reports, there were 122,428 cases and 1,293 deaths in the past seven days across the country, with 10% of these cases reported in Florida, which went from ranking at the top in the number of COVID related deaths, to 37th in the nation. With regards to the Omicron strain in the U.S., the numbers fell by almost 42% and totaled 1,217,000. In Florida, which accounts for 6.45% of U.S. population, there were 131,699 cases of Omicron reported by the State Department.

COVID cases and deaths in Florida counties:

Figures from the week of 2/06 – 2/15

  • Alachua County down by 33.l4 % with 1,548 cases & 4 deaths
  • Sarasota County down 47% with 2,319 cases and 47 deaths
  • Escambia County up 9.2% with 1,967 cases and 12 deaths
  • Duval County down from 6,841 to  4,979 cases
  • Lee County down from 4,836 to 3,622 cases
  • Polk County down from 5,313 to 4,133 cases

Miami-Dade reported 24,188 new cases over the past week and leads Florida, followed by Broward with 10,276 and Hillsborough with 8,420 reported cases.

According to Johns Hopkins University, there have been 5,776,333 total Coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic, with 77,739,880 people testing positive for COVID in the U.S.A.


The Perazzo Law Firm Shares Information for Preventing and Dealing With the COVID-19 Pandemic

In Miami, the Personal Injury Staff of Attorneys at the Perazzo Law Firm have carried out extensive research into COVID-19 and what it means to consumers and business owners in Miami-Dade and Broward. This research and the information that follows aims to help you, friends, and relatives, stay safe and implement safety procedures to confront coronavirus pandemic more effectively and to inform on the preventive guidelines issued by the CDC (Center for Disease and Control) and the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).
This article for Coronavirus Prevention applies to consumers, retailers, wholesalers, and business operators in various commercial sectors such as food services, entertainment, transportation, and more.
In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm places the best interests of Florida residents at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic and any personal injury claims or cases brought-on by the spread of the coronavirus withing Miami-Dade and Broward County.
If you, a friend, or relative has fallen victim to the unlawful spread of COVID-19 or if you are a business owner aiming to prevent the spread of the coronavirus among workers and provide goods or services that pose no threat to consumers, the Perazzo Law Firm highly recommends you continue reading.


In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm understands that the most common spread of the Coronavirus occurs from person to person by way of respiratory droplets released from an infected person that coughs, sneezes, or speaks. When an infected person’s droplets make their way into another individual through their mouth or nose reaches their lungs. These droplets can travel at most six-feet, and that is why social distancing and facial coverings are vital for preventing the spread of COVID-19 among consumers, workers, and business operators. In everyday situations such as  being involved in a car accident in Miami, individuals will come into contact with another individuals and need to interact verbally. In this case, applying social distancing and facial coverings play a huge part.


When in public or around individuals that don’t make up your immediate household, the use of cloth facial coverings is highly recommended to prevent the spread and contraction of COVID-19, especially when visiting consumer good outlets such as grocery stores, drugstores, gas stations, and other businesses. Cloth facial coverings aim to curve the spread of COVID-19 by limiting or blocking contaminated droplets in the air from entering your respiratory system. These cloth facial coverings can be made from household materials like fabrics, plastic, elastic bands, and other items.
Not everyone should wear a facial covering, especially for an extended period and these include:
  • Children under two years of age
  • People with respiratory difficulties or medical conditions such as emphysema
  • People who have lost consciousness
  • People who have limited mobility and are unable to remove a facial covering
The Perazzo Law Firm would like to highlight that the recommended facial covering for individuals, according to the CDC, are cloth facial coverings and not surgical masks or the N-95 respirator mask. The latter are in low supply and reserved for healthcare employees, nursing home staff, and emergency rescue units.


Putting on a facial covering to limit the chances of being infected with COVID-19 requires special care. The CDC and the Perazzo Law Firm agree on the following steps to take when putting on or taking off your facial covering.
We recommend the following procedures when handling a cloth face cover:
  • Make sure your hands are sanitized before touching your mask
  • Make sure it is snug over your mouth, nose, and side of your face. Avoid leaving gaps where droplets may enter your nose or mouth. Thus, get a facial covering that fits snugly over your face.
  • Allow air to enter freely without having to emit force to breathe
  • Refrain from taking off the face covering when in public
  • Do not place the facial covering on your chin or forehead while in public or after being in a public setting. Why? Because Droplets may have made their way onto your forehead and if you place it over your forehead and back on other your mouth and nose, may lead to becoming infected with COVID-19.
  • When removing your facial covering, do not touch the part of the mask that covers your mouth and nose. Take the mask by the ear straps and proceed with the cleansing procedure. Once removed, fold the mask, and place it in a plastic bag until it’s time to clean it (see below cleaning and disinfecting your cloth facial covering).
  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer immediately after removing your cloth facial covering.


According to the CDC, the Perazzo Law Firm recommends apply the following procedures for cleaning and disinfecting your protective cloth facial covering.
Steps to Take to Clean your cloth mask:
  • Wash after each use.
  • Place the used facial covering in the washer adding regular laundry detergents and using warm water.
  • When washing by hand, you can use a bleach solution consisting of five tablespoons of disinfection bleach per gallon of water or four teaspoons per quart of water.  Make sure the bleach has not surpassed its expiration date.
  • Soak the facial covering in the bleach/water solution between 5-7 minutes then rinse well with cool water.
  • Once cleaned and disinfected, place in dryer or let dry in the sun.


In Miami, the personal injury staff of attorneys at the Perazzo Law Firm recommend the use of gloves in situations where individuals come into contact with items that may have been handled by someone exposed to COVID-19 either by way of infected individuals or when cleaning surfaces exposed to the public. Those who do not come into direct contact with infected individuals or are responsible for cleaning public spaces are not obliged to wear gloves, especially when social distancing (see social distancing below) is applied for brief encounters with other individual outside of the family household and those wearing proper facial coverings to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Gloves should however be renewed after extended use by those required to wear them (see required use of gloves by commercial employees and healthcare workers) as they may suffer unperceived wear and tear which may constitute negligence (see Business Operator COVID-19 Negligence).
Regular hand sanitation is primordial for preventing the spread of the coronavirus among businesses and consumers in Miami. According to the CDC, the Perazzo Law Firm understands that people coming into contact with items on display for sale on store shelves, for example, or check-out counters and even cellphones, mandates regular twenty-second hand washing using soap or a hand sanitizer consisting of 60% alcohol. The Perazzo Law Firm personal injury attorneys recommend carrying a tiny spray bottle consisting of the alcohol/water-based solution to disinfected goods that are purchased, and any items exchanged from person to person in a public setting.


Keeping COVID-19 off surfaces and objects is an important part of prevention and in the best interest of individuals and business alike. After visiting a public commercial establishment, footwear should be sanitized and preferably left outside of the house. Footwear be sanitized following the disinfecting procedures mentioned above. The Perazzo Law Firm suggests not wearing the same clothes with which you do essential shopping or that you wear in public settings within the house. COVID-19 is said to hide within material fibers such as wool. Walking surfaces in and around the home should be cleaned regularly and interior spaces well ventilated. The use of gloves is highly recommended when handling cleaning products such as bleach or other detergents.

Steps to follow for proper cleaning procedures:

  • Implement the use of gloves, either reusable or disposable
  • Apply soap and water prior to applying the use of detergent
  • Apply bleach – water solution to eliminate germs. Four teaspoons of bleach for every quart of water.
  • Clean frequented walking surfaces regularly. These include hallways, outdoor walkways, garages entrances, bathrooms, and kitchens.
  • Objects that are handled regularly such as doorknobs, cell phone screens, faucets and other, should be disinfected extensively using an alcohol/water-based solution to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • Allow for disinfecting solutions to remain of surfaces for at least 2 minutes before removing. This will help kill germs more effectively and help to keep you and your family healthy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ventilate disinfected areas well if possible, to prevent dizziness from strong odors or vapors.
  • To avoid cleaning products getting in your eyes from possible accidental splashing, the use of safety goggles is recommended to prevent personal injury.
  • Keep cleaning products such as detergents, used mops, or other disinfecting products stored and away from children or pets.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after handling detergents or bleach.
  • When doing laundry, do not shake any worn clothes, used facial coverings, dirty sheets, or other items.
  • The use of gloves is highly recommended when caring for linens or items used by a COVID-19 patient.
  • Do your laundry using warm water.


According to the CDC, making sure people in social and public settings stay the recommended 6-feet from each other is not as easy as it seems. Nobody is walking around with a six-foot pole to keep people away. However, the distance between others within public spaces should be respected and applied by business operators welcoming customers. Thus, commercial areas such as check-out counters should bear proper signaling and sign posting reminded customers to respect the 6-feet safety distance.


Modern civilization is not used to being confined indoors for extended periods of time such as those imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. This kind of confinement and isolation from society can result in physical of mental trauma. Physical activity is an important part of being healthy and socializing a huge part of being civil. When people do not get any exercise and don’t have much human contact, their bodies and minds may begin to suffer, perhaps unknowingly. The personal injury staff at the Perazzo Law Firm understands how important it is for Miami residents to carry on with the lives amid a seemingly eternal pandemic. However, people must try to stay fit by doing regular indoor/outdoor exercises and eating healthy. Those with limited interior spaces can opt for exercise routines which require little room. YouTube and social media are a recommended source for exercise videos and routines to help stay fit during the coronavirus times.

Household members should also refrain from going outdoors to shop or visit public places unless necessary. Many people feel the need to get out of the house to buy something they may not really need. This stems basically from a sense of desperation for freedom that comes from extensive confinement.

Tips for successful confinement during COVID-19 lock-down:

  • Set up an exercise routine you can do at home.
  • Create a menu of healthy foods and follow a healthy diet
  • Avoid long hours in front of computer screens
  • Avoid using your cell phones or tablets for viewing entertainment for long periods
  • Make a full list of the things you need to buy when you go shopping to avoid numerous trips to markets, pharmacies, or other essential businesses
  • Avoid self-medication and seek professional medical advice if needed

In Miami and North Miami Beach, the Perazzo Law Firm staff and attorneys hope you and your loved-ones stay safe throughout the coronavirus pandemic by being responsible and avoiding negligent acts that may cause others harm.



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Little Havana: un miembro del personal de un hogar de ancianos dio positivo por COVID-19 pero continuó trabajando en South Florida Home Services. La negligencia delindivduo, que usaba una máscara quirúrgica como protección, supuestamente llevó a más del 50% de los residentes a dar positivo por COVID-19. La Agencia de la Florida para la Administración de Atención Médica cerró el jueves el centro en Little Havana por actuar negligente. Según el informe presentado por la Agencia, los residentes que muestran signos de infección fueron hospitalizados, examinados y luego regresaron a la casa antes de recibir sus resultados. Además, la negligencia de los operadores de hogares de ancianos incluye no aislar a los residentes que muestran signos del coronavirus o incluso a aquellos que dan positivo. Esto muestra una negligencia absoluta para el bienestar de los residentes de hogares de ancianos. Los operadores pueden ser responsables de las reclamaciones por lesiones personales presentadas por familiares de quienes sufren daños corporales o mentales o muerte injusta por COVID-19. Tras una inspección el 22 de mayo, el personal carecía del equipo adecuado para evitar la propagación de COVID-19 entre los residentes, de hecho, el miembro del personal infectado fue visto interactuando con residentes y staff. La Agencia de Servicios de Protección para Adultos mudó a los ancianos el 24 de mayo y las instalaciones cerraron el 28 de mayo.


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