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In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm shares uses insight for staying safe during the Saint Patrick’s Day festivities

Green beer, green food, and green get-ups are just of few of the Irish touches sprinkled over Miami bars, restaurants, and clubs eager to attract crowds looking to commemorate Patrick’s Day this March 17. Music, dancing, and lots of other activities are also on the agenda across Miami, with no signs of letting the COVID cloud dampen the Saint Patrick’s Day parade.

But, how to stay safe amid the COVID scare and the usual accidents that go hand and hand with festivities that include alcoholic beverages? The Personal Injury Staff at the Perazzo Law Firm firstly urges that individuals planning to partake in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, refrain from driving so as to avoid a drunk-driving accident.

In order to avoid car accidents on Saint Patrick’s Day, Jonathan Perazzo, personal injury lawyer and founder of the Perazzo Law Firm, highly recommends the following if you, a friend, or relative is planning to drink beer or other alcoholic beverages this Saint Patrick’s Day in Miami:

  • Car pool and assign a designated driver.
  • Use a rideshare service such as Uber, Lyft, or a taxi.
  • In the event of an accident, do not flee the accident scene. This is considered a crime.
  • Check that the Uber or Lyft driver is legit. Check the driver profile before entering the vehicle.
  • Share your location with a friend or family member when in an Uber or Lyft vehicle.
  • Share your ride once it has ended.
  • Do not drive if you are drunk.

Why do we celebrate St- Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration that takes place every March 17th in commemoration of the death of Ireland’s most popular Saint. This festive occasion made its way across the Atlantic and became very popular in the United States, with the first celebration taking place in Boston in 1737.


It’s worth pointing out that craft beer, which has boomed over the years, contains different levels of alcohol, which can weigh heavily if pulled over and given a breathalyzer test. This is important as not every pint or type of craft beer has the same percentage of alcohol. Thus, you may drink two pints, but your blood-alcohol level may be put you over the allowed limit. This can lead to a drunk driving charge.


Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is a special occasion wrapped in festivity and joy. This is why, accidents should be prevented in order to not dampen the festive mood and turn memorable moments into tragedy. The personal injury staff at the Perazzo Law Firm has prepared a brief guideline for staying accident-free this March 17th in Miami. Keep reading to find out more on how to experience a stay safe St. Patrick’s Day in Miami.


Champagne Corks – Uncorking a bottle of bubbly provides a distinct sound that heralds celebration and welcomes a toast. However, uncorking a bottle of champagne, cider, or any other extra bubbly beverage can result in serious personal injury if done without care or negligently. That is why, the Perazzo Law Firm recommends great care when handling a bottle of champagne which is soon to be uncorked. It’s worth noting that a typical champagne bottle is much thicker than other bottles of beverages as it contains much more gas carbon dioxide gas than other fizzy drinks. For this reason, champagne bottles are topped with wire cages to prevent the cork from prematurely popping out and keep the gas contained. Keeping the bottle chilled is a good way of keeping the gas contained until it’s time to uncork the bottle. This is a crucial moment for preventing injury when handling a champagne bottle as the pressure (70-90 lbs. per square inch) within is more than twice greater to that of a normal car tire (30 psi).

Tips to prevent accidents when uncorking a champagne bottle:

  • Keep the bottle chilled until it’s time to uncork it.
  • Handle the bottle with care and keep the top pointed away from people’s faces.
  • When uncorking, always keep your hand over the top of the cork in case it pops on its own.
  • Keep a towel or dishrag over the cork when opening.
  • If uncorking freely, point the bottle away from people and stay alert.

The above listed safety tips are vital for preventing serious injury as a cork in the eye can lead to permanent injury and even loss of sight.

Slip and Fall Accidents: Celebrations that include, drinking, dining, dancing, and walking can ultimately end in a slip and fall accident when surfaces become soiled with slippery substances such as water, beverages, salsas, or food. Hotels, bars, and restaurants, and other businesses catering to the St. Patrick’s Day crowd must provide safe walking surfaces and nonhazardous infrastructure to patrons, workers, and guests. Failure to do so, can result in an insurance claim for compensation to cover personal injuries or losses resulting from a slip and fall accident.

In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm knows that accidents can occur poolside at a hotel, or in a poorly lit parking lot. Loose handrails and protruding mirror legs can lead to trip and fall accidents to impaired or elderly patron or guests. You can prevent slip, trip, and fall accidents during New Year’s celebrations in Miami by not dancing on tables or trying flips into a swimming pool. The 3 Point Contact rule is useful for preventing slip, trip or fall accidents when taking to steps, entering a vehicle, or getting into a  motor vehicle.

What is the 3 Point Contact rule?

Three points of contact means that a person implements the use of both hands and either foot, or just one hand and both feet, to support their body while getting into or out of vehicles, elevated spaces, and taking to steps and ladders. This applies to elevated spaces such a table, platform, or stage. For example, when climbing a ladder, you would use two hands and one foot to secure firmness and stability before moving onto the next step. The 3 contact points must stay connect throughout the entire process in order to ensure safety and reduce the chances of suffering a slip and fall accident.

Prevention for Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

In Miami, the slip and fall accident lawyers recommend the following:

  • Do not run on surfaces that are wet or soiled with food, oil, or other substances.
  • Avoid walking through dark parking lots as you can slip on motor oil or trip on a rock.
  • Take extra caution when taking stairs or ramps that lack a properly fitted handrail.
  • Hold on when taking an escalator downwards. Vertigo can lead to loss of balance to the elderly or intoxicated.
  • Watch out for protruding table, chair, or mirror legs.
  • Careful when entering or exiting elevators.
  • Watch your step when walking across a dance floor or restaurant.

Drunk Driving Accidents – In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm reminds motorists and motor vehicle passengers that St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most dangerous times of the year for car accidents on Miami streets, avenues, and highways. That is why, our staff of car accident lawyers reminds Miami drivers to not drink and drive, because drunk driving has a very high fatality rate on St. Patrick’s Day, according the American Safety Council. In other words, St. Patrick’s Day has the a lot of drunk drivers on the road, with drunk motorists driving recklessly and with disregard for the safety of other motorists or pedestrians.

Car Accident Prevention for St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Wear seatbelts appropriately and restrain children car seats that meet safety standards (see Baby Seats).
  • Make sure the vehicle is in proper mechanical condition and suitable for highway driving. This is important when considering that there are drunk drivers on the road with you during St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Avoid taking to street, avenues, or highways under poor weather conditions, especially if experiencing drowsiness or other physical / mental impairment that may limit awareness and cause distraction. Highway driving under poor weather conditions on St. Patrick’s Day increases the chances of being involved in a motor vehicle accident that ends in personal injury, damages and losses to accident victims.
  • Do not drive drunk or get in the car with a drunk driver.
  • Avoid using the cell phone while driving. Pull over if you need to text, voice mail, or use a social media platform (see Distracted Motorists Accidents in Miami).
  • Hire a rideshare service such as Uber, Lyft, or Cabify. (see Rideshare Service Vehicles).

In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm suggests following the above car accident prevention safety tips when using a motor vehicle this St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate with friends and relatives.



  • Stay calm.
  • Call the police or notify the business operator / manager to report the accident and any injuries
  • In the event of pain or discomfort, request to be taken to a medical facility for a physical evaluation.
  • Gather eyewitness testimony.
  • Keep copies all medical records, police reports, and take photos of any bodily harm or property damage.
  • Do not sign anything presented to you on behalf of insurance providers without first Contacting the Perazzo Law Firm to discuss a possible insurance claim for compensation to cover injuries and losses.


In Miami, the lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm understand what the St. Patrick’s Day festivities mean to motorists and motor vehicle passengers. Though many drivers respect drinking and driving laws, there are many others that do not. When this happens, the chances of being involved in a car accident on the already dangerous streets and motorways increase dramatically. That is why, Jonathan Perazzo, personal injury lawyer and founder at the Perazzo Law Firm, shares some of the valued insight acquired from handling numerous car accident insurance accident claims that involve drunk drivers.


Drunk driving is the act of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol according to the law. In Florida, and according to experts, if you have had a 12 oz. beer, a 5 oz. glass of wine, and a shot of hard liquor, you are legally drunk and with a .08% blood alcohol content (BAC). For Florida motorists under the age of 21, the BAC stands at .02%. At least this holds true for a 100 lb. adult within the hour of getting a breathalyzer test. Most drunk drivers are caught operating motor vehicles when they are stopped for speeding, pulled over for swerving, or involved in an accident due to reckless driving.  Normally, it is the police office or highway trooper that will determine the need for a breathalyzer based on the drivers condition. If you are subject to a breathalyzer test in Florida and you fail this test, you will be issued a DUI. First time offenders will receive a fine, jailtime, have their license suspended, and subject to community service. These breakdown as follows:

  • Fine: $1000
  • Jailtime: Up to six months
  • License suspension: Up to six months
  • Community service: 50 hours

What happens if you are arrested for drinking and driving?

Most often, an intoxicated driving that fails a breathalyzer test and is issued a DUI, will be arrested, especially if this individual has caused personal injury, property damages, or cited for a criminal offense. According to Florida law, if your normal functional capabilities are compromised or impaired you will be jailed for at least 8 hours. Bail for first offenders will require a $1,000.00 payment. For those motorists who have been charged a DUI in the past, bail is set at $5,000.00. First offenders will also have their driver’s license suspended for at least six months.


Driving drunk is without a doubt a negligent and reckless act which is frowned upon both legally and socially. Nevertheless, motorists drive after drinking and many of them get involved in accidents. Regardless of how much alcohol a motorist has consumed before taking to the wheel of a motor vehicle, the amount of can weigh heavily in the event of injuries or damages to third parties when presenting an insurance claim for recovery or compensation. But what happens when an intoxicated driver gets into a car accident but is not at fault for the accident? The Perazzo Law Firm strongly suggests reading the information presented below for a better picture of what a fender-bender can mean when alcohol plays a part.


In Miami, as well as all of Florida, motorists that are found at fault for causing an accident, especially those that cause injury, damages, and losses to innocent parties, will face numerous legal concerns.

Firstly, a DUI will cause your insurance premium to rise as your risk calculation scores. Secondly, some insurance providers may not cover medical expenses or damages if their insured was involved in a car accident while driving drunk. Finally, motorists with more than one DUI may not be able to get motor vehicle insurance. Drivers are reminded that according to Florida law, all registered vehicle owners must carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage (PD) insurance (see Motor Vehicle Insurance Policies for Florida Motorists).

Though many drunk individuals with car keys in their hand act responsibly by taking a ride share service such as Uber or Lyft, many drunk drivers take to the streets with no regard for the safety of others. In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm recommends that Florida residents that fall victim to drunk drivers, take immediate action following an accident, as drunk drivers tend to flee the scene of the accident from fear of being charged with a DUI violation and arrested.

Jonathan Perazzo suggests the following steps after an accident with a drunk driver:

  • Immediately call the police and report injuries to you or passengers
  • Do not leave the scene of the accident
  • Try to get eyewitness testimony
  • Photograph or video record the accident scene and the vehicle/s involved
  • Gather copies of the police report
  • Seek medical treatment and inform of any pain or discomfort
  • Call the Perazzo Law Firm or CONTACT us online for professional legal advice




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