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Navigating Post-Sale Procedures: A Guide by The Perazzo Law Firm

Selling a vehicle is an extensive process, entailing more than just exchanging keys for cash. After selling your car in Florida, a specific set of procedures needs to be followed to ensure a smooth transition of ownership and subsequent insurance. Here, The Perazzo Law Firm provides an in-depth guide on what to do after selling a car in Florida and when to get the vehicle insured.

Remove the License Plate

After a successful sale, the first step is to remove your Florida license plate from the vehicle. This license plate is linked directly to you, and any tolls, tickets, or violations linked to it can become your liability.

Transfer the Title

As a seller, you must complete the transfer of title to the new owner. This requires filling out the ‘Transfer of Title by Seller’ section on the title, including:

  • The date of sale
  • The sale price
  • The buyer’s information
  • Your signature

Remember to create a duplicate copy of this document for your records.

Submit a Notice of Sale

To further remove any liability for the vehicle post-sale, you should submit the HSMV 82050 Form (Notice of Sale) to your local Tax Collector’s office. This form officially informs the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) department that you have sold the vehicle and are no longer responsible for it.

File for a Title Certificate

The buyer must apply for a new title certificate within 30 days of the sale. Failure to do so may result in penalties. It is in your interest as a seller to ensure that the buyer completes this step promptly.

Insuring the Vehicle: A Crucial Step

Now, let’s address the important question of vehicle insurance. The buyer should insure the vehicle as soon as ownership is transferred. Florida law requires continuous insurance coverage for all registered vehicles. Even a single day’s lapse in insurance can lead to suspension of registration and driving privileges.

Insurance Compliance

Buyers should be aware that Florida law requires a minimum of $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 property damage liability (PDL) insurance. As soon as the title and registration have been transferred to the buyer, they should immediately seek to meet these insurance requirements.

Maintain Proper Documentation

Following the acquisition of insurance, the buyer should maintain proof of it, such as an insurance ID card. This can be useful when applying for registration and for personal records.

SEE: Insurance Policies for Florida Motorists

Final Word

Navigating the procedures following a car sale can be tricky, but with careful attention to the steps outlined above, sellers and buyers alike can ensure a smooth transition of ownership and proper insurance coverage.

Remember, Jonathan Perazzo, founder at the Perazzo Law Firm and a dedicated car accident lawyer in Miami, is here to assist you with any legal questions or issues you might encounter during the process of selling a vehicle in Florida. Reach out to us at any time for experienced, professional advice.

At The Perazzo Law Firm, we prioritize your needs, ensuring that your interests are protected at every turn. We take pride in delivering the utmost in professional service and advice, making any legal process, including selling a car, a more straightforward and hassle-free experience.




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