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Texting and Driving Laws – Miami Car Accident Lawyer Insight

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Crackdown on Texting & Driving in Florida: New Legislation and Implications

Florida has been facing a rising concern with texting and driving, contributing significantly to numerous car accidents occurring on its roads daily. Recently, the Governor of Florida signed a bill that enables authorities to pull over and ticket motorists observed texting while driving and in motion. However, drivers are still permitted to use their mobile devices when their vehicle is stationary. Despite the longstanding prohibition on texting while driving, law enforcement has faced limitations in intervening, resulting in minimal citations—only 1700 in 2018. The focus of this bill is not just on reducing accidents due to distracted driving but also on educating drivers about the severe consequences of texting while behind the wheel, especially in cities like Miami, where such accidents are prevalent.

Specifics of the Law and Penalties

Effective January 1st, 2020, drivers caught texting while driving will face fines of $30 plus court fees. Repeat offenders risk losing points on their licenses.

Miami’s Struggle with Cellphone-Related Accidents

Miami witnesses considerable difficulty among drivers in putting down their cellphones while on the road. Distracted driving involving texting, voice messaging, calling, and using GPS services contributes significantly to accidents, potentially causing bodily harm to pedestrians, cyclists, and others. Despite Florida ranking second in the USA for accidents linked to negligent cellphone use, such incidents don’t often lead to moving violations. Nevertheless, these accidents in Miami often result in severe personal injuries or wrongful deaths.

Legal Counsel for Victims

The Perazzo Law Firm specializes in representing victims of motorist negligence due to cellphone use while driving in Miami. The firm aims to ensure that victims receive due compensation for their injuries, damages, or losses.

Advice for Dealing with Cellphone-Related Accidents

The law recommends moving vehicles from the roadway if possible, turning off the engine, and taking photos of the accident scene and involved vehicles before they are moved. Contacting authorities and seeking medical attention for injuries is crucial. Collecting witness information, maintaining medical records, and consulting with the Perazzo Law Firm are vital steps for potential compensation claims.

Proving Negligent Cellphone Use

In cases where drivers deny cellphone use during accidents, the Perazzo Law Firm employs various strategies, including subpoenaing phone records and presenting evidence from modern cellphone capabilities. The firm is committed to obtaining favorable outcomes for clients affected by accidents involving distracted driving.

If you or a loved one has suffered injury or loss due to a motorist’s negligent cellphone use, the Perazzo Law Firm encourages reaching out for a free consultation to explore legal options. Contact (786) LAWS-411 or visit their website for further assistance.

Reasons to Avoid Texting and Driving

Texting while driving poses severe risks and potential consequences for motorists in Florida, making it imperative to abstain from this dangerous behavior. Several reasons underscore the importance of avoiding texting while operating a vehicle in the Sunshine State:

  1. High Accident Rates: Florida ranks among the top states in the USA for accidents caused by distracted driving, particularly texting. The prevalence of these accidents contributes significantly to injuries, fatalities, and property damage on Florida’s roads and highways.
  2. Legal Ramifications: The state has strict laws governing cellphone use while driving. Texting and driving have been illegal in Florida for years, and recent legislation allows law enforcement to stop and ticket motorists caught texting while driving, with fines starting at $30 plus court fees.
  3. Safety Hazards: Texting diverts a driver’s attention from the road, leading to impaired reaction times, decreased situational awareness, and an increased likelihood of collisions. Even a few seconds of distraction while texting can result in a devastating accident.
  4. Grave Consequences: Distracted driving incidents caused by texting can lead to severe personal injuries, property damage, and even fatalities. These accidents often result in victims requiring medical attention, leading to substantial medical expenses and insurance claims for compensation.
  5. Impact on Others: Texting and driving not only endanger the driver but also pose risks to pedestrians, cyclists, and other motorists on the road. Inattentive driving due to texting can result in harming innocent individuals, causing life-altering injuries or fatalities.
  6. Legal Challenges: Proving negligence related to cellphone use during accidents can be complex. However, modern technology allows for the retrieval of phone records and data to establish liability, which may impact legal proceedings and potential compensation claims.
  7. Enforcement of Laws: Law enforcement agencies in Florida have increasingly strict measures to crack down on distracted driving. With authorities now empowered to pull over and issue tickets for texting while driving, the likelihood of facing penalties for this behavior has significantly increased.
  8. Public Awareness and Education: Initiatives aimed at raising public awareness about the dangers of texting and driving seek to educate motorists on the potential consequences, encouraging safer driving practices and the importance of focused attention while behind the wheel.

In conclusion, avoiding texting while driving in Florida is crucial to prevent accidents, legal repercussions, injuries, and fatalities. It is essential to prioritize safety, adhere to state laws, and remain vigilant while driving to protect oneself and others on the road.

The Perazzo Law Firm is a dedicated car accident lawyer serving individuals and families who have suffered injury due to the negligence of others. With a deep understanding of the emotional toll accidents can take, our firm, a reputable car accident lawyer in Miami, is committed to helping those in need.

Our news blog is designed to inform you about the latest personal injury cases and legal developments. We aim to raise awareness of the injury and loss of life that occurs in our community by sharing information from publicly available sources. As a well-established Miami car accident lawyer, we strive to shed light on the legal avenues available to those affected. However, please note that the information shared in our blog has not been independently verified, and the photos depicted are not necessarily representative of the actual event. If you notice any inaccuracies, please bring them to our attention for correction.

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