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Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday – What do they mean?

The Perazzo Law Firm 

Miami Personal Injury Accident Lawyer shares insight on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

History Brief Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day dates back to 1621, when an indigenous tribe called the Wampanoag and the first settlers of Plymouth gathered for a feast honoring their harvests and newfound friendship. This according to new-world folklore. The thanksgiving tradition was made a national holiday by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, who declared that Thanksgiving be commemorated in late November, which until then, the celebration wasn’t entirely acknowledge by every colony or state. The only other country that celebrates Thanksgiving day is Canada. It all started in 1620 when a ship with pilgrims on board set sail from England with the shores of the eastern part of the United States as their destination. The passengers consisted mainly of religious  separatists and other small groups of people eager for new opportunities across the Atlantic ocean. A long time has passed since the early thanksgiving tradition on giving thanks to the late autumn’s harvest but the tradition remains the same; giving thanks for what we have and sharing that with friends, family, and loved one. Sadly, history and legend paints a different portrait of the events that transpired following that first gathering of gratitude and kinship between the Wampanoags and the pilgrims. Though holy as it had seemed at first, greed eventually led to the take over of the lands belonging to the Wampanoags and they were wiped out. But what about the turkey. Well, they too are wiped out every Thanksgiving. Let’s all thank the pilgrims and the captain of the Mayflower which led the way to the fatal demise of the indigenous tribes of the eastern seaboard and all future turkeys nationwide for the rest of time. Gobble, gobble.

Why Turkey for Thanksgiving?

For decades, Thanksgiving Day has been synonymous family gatherings and a stuffed turkey dinner, served with hearty side dishes consisting of pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes; typical foods marked by the end of the autumn harvest. But how did turkey get thrown into the mix? According to legend, interest in the turkey started with Benjamin Franklin, in whose eyes the turkey made for a better national bird than the bald eagle. The early settlers, however, choose the turkey cause there weren’t any geese, which was a popular roasting bird in the old world. Turkeys were also more plump, less costly, and easier to grow. Gobble, gobble…

What’s the deal with Black Friday?

Black Friday is popular for bargain hunters spewing into stores and shopping malls seeking outrageous savings. As everyone in the modern world knows, Black Friday follows Thanksgiving day and dates back to 1869 when two American investors caused a market crash that affected local and foreign trade. Black Friday also refers to the time when business owners begin to recover after the slump caused by the end of the summer season, when most people eat into their savings.

Thanksgiving Day and Accidents

When large groups of people gather at places such as shopping malls, for example, mayhem can surely strike, and when it does, the chances of someone being involved in an accident that leads to personal injuries rises. The types of accidents that occur in shopping malls can include any of the following:

  • Slip & Fall Accidents – Slip and fall accidents in Miami can occur on almost any walking surface. One of the more difficult aspects of slip and fall cases is proving that the business owner or operator of the location where the injury occurred was negligent and responsible for the injuries incurred by the visitor or shopper.
  • Elevator and Escalator Accidents – Most elevator accidents are the direct results of mechanical errors, either due to manufacturing defects or maintenance issues such as lack of or improper servicing by qualified personnel. An elevator is not a car and requires authorized and highly skilled engineers and technicians to carry out proper maintenance on a regular basis.
  • Parking Lot Accidents – Some 18% of all reported motor vehicle accidents take place in parking lots and 15% of parking lot accidents result in damages and injuries. Parking lot accidents in Miami may be the result of a motorist backing-out of a parking spot in haste and inadvertently running into a pedestrian crossing the parking lot.
  • Pedestrian Accidents – Negligent motorists are the number one cause behind pedestrian accidents that take place in parking lots.
  • Products Liability Accidents – Companies and individuals that manufacture, distribute, or commercialize goods to be used or consumed by consumers are required by law to be safe and hazard-free.

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