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Miami Beach, Florida: A 35-year-old construction worker fell approximately 12ft. at a Miami Beach construction site this past Monday and died shortly after being assisted at Jackson Memorial Hospital, according to the local authorities that arrived to the accident scene. Miami Beach Fire Rescue units reported that the construction worker, an outsourced mason working for the Rinaldi Group, fell from the third floor onto the second floor of a building that was being constructed at 2000 Washington Ave. The construction work accident that led to the worker’s tragic fall is being investigated by officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which according to sources, requires that rebar caps be placed on the ends of any protruding rebar in the event a worker falls onto them while on the job. In this case, officials will have to determine if the construction firm acted negligently by leaving the rebar unprotected. If that is determined to be the case, the construction company may face severe fines to compensate for any wrongful death claims brought on by the victim’s family. Though it is hard to put a price on life, legitimate negligence on behalf of an employer and his/her insurance provider must.

Perazzo Law Shares Insight Into Construction Workers Accidents

Everyday, constructions workers ranging from plumbers, electricians, masons, and heavy machinery and power tool operators. Construction workers and individuals involved in the manufacturing industry run risks of suffering personal injury on a daily basis. Operating and being around heavy machinery such as bulldozers, dump trucks, cranes; or power tools like piledrivers, jackhammers, electric saws, etc. According to studies by the Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHO), some 5200 construction workers were killed while on the job in 2016, which is equivalent to 14 fatal construction accidents per day. Construction workers that suffer personal injury while on the job in Florida are covered by worker’s comp. Nevertheless, personal injury claims to compensate for medical costs, lost wages, loss, or even wrongful death may be presented when third party negligence can be proven. Equipment and Machinery manufactures are compelled by law (Product Liability Law) manufacture and provide regular maintenance to heavy machinery used regularly at construction worksites.

Some Basic Q&A about Construction Worker Accidents

What do I do if I fall at a construction site while working for an outsourced construction firm?

39% of all construction work accidents involve falling from elevated places or on obstructed paths. Falling off scaffolds or ladders can result in fractures, head trauma, or spinal cord injuries.

Thus, Perazzo Law recommends the following:

  • Get immediate medical attention and follow-up with regular checkups to rule-out long term head trauma.
  • If the injuries are not very severe, gather eyewitness info and take photos of the accident scene and any visible injuries sustained.
  • Do not sign off your rights to compensation claims for injuries.
  • Seek private medical attention from your family doctor and keep all treatment and payment records.
  • Consult Jonathan Perazzo ONLINE to discuss a compensation claim following a construction work accident in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

What do I do if I am struck by an object while working at a construction site? 

  • Firstly, the Perazzo Law Firm advises victims of construction work accidents to not sign off their rights to compensation claims for injuries.
  • Do not let anyone that is not a professional medic move you (unless you are in danger of further injury).
  • If physically possible, take photographs of the accident scene and any visible injuries sustained.
  • Seek independent medical attention and keep all records of any treatment, costs incurred or loss of wages.
  • Ask Jonathan Perazzo ONLINE about a compensation claim after a construction work accident in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

What should I do if I am electrocuted because of third party negligence?

Electricity can be very dangerous and electrocution accidents at a construction site falls on premises liability. Premises Liability holds the site operator, company, and/or insurance providers legally liable for any injuries incurred on a construction site. An electrical surge of power that enters the body may interrupt the heart’s electrical rhythm and this can be deadly. When not so severe, electrocution may result in skin injury or muscle damage. Moderately severe cases severe may cause kidney damage from a loss of proteins. It’s important to have a professional run the necessary tests to rule out kidney damage after being electrocuted. 

Thus, Perazzo Law recommends the following:
  • Do not sign anything or give a statement, Seek immediate medical care.
  • Secondly, if physically possible, gather eyewitness information and take photos of the accident scene.
  • Thirdly seek independent medical attention and keep all records of any treatment, costs incurred or loss of wages.
  • Finally, consult Jonathan Perazzo ONLINE to discuss a compensation claim following a construction work accident in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

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Perazzo Law Shares Insight into Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful Death claims in Miami may be filed by the representative or family member of the deceased victim. Under wrongful death litigation, both punitive and compensatory compensation (damages) may be sought from those whose negligence caused the death. Punitive damages allow for additional compensation over the amount necessary to compensate the family of the deceased. Punitive damages are meant to punish the negligent party that caused the death and fosters reasonable professional care that will prevent further cases of wrongful death and deprive a family of a loved one. Visit our Website for more on Wrongful Death Claims 

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